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Sat, 04 Feb 2023
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Snowflake Cold

December kicks off with over 3 feet of snow and strong winds gusting at 123-mph in mountains of California

Caltrans remote video traffic camera, traffic moves slowly through the snowy
© Caltrans
In this image taken from video from a Caltrans remote video traffic camera, traffic moves slowly through the snowy conditions along Interstate 80 near Truckee, California, Thursday, Dec. 1, 2022.
It was a snowy start to meteorological winter across the mountains of California Thursday as a winter storm tracked across the state, and AccuWeather forecasters say that more snow is on the way.

The storm arrived in Northern California late Wednesday and continued throughout Thursday, delivering much-needed rain to the lower elevations. San Francisco International Airport measured 0.71 of an inch of rain on Thursday, nearly half of the 1.58 inches of rain that fell in all of November.

A yardstick was needed to measure the snow in the higher elevations with snow causing travel-related headaches for drivers across the region.

Interstate 80 at Donner Pass and Highway 50 at Echo Summit were closed periodically throughout the storm due to vehicles stuck on the snowpacked roads, but the roads have since been reopened to traffic.

Comment: Another heavy snowfall report from the same state:
China Peak Mountain Resort sees at least 2 feet of snow, expecting more

China Peak Mountain Resort
© China Peak Mountain Resort website.
There is good news for those who like to hit the slopes.

Officials at China Peak Mountain Resort said they saw some pretty consistent snowfall since around 3:30 p.m. on Thursday, December 1st. As of Friday, December 2nd, they have gained nearly two feet of snow since Thursday morning and they are expecting much more through the weekend.

Resort operator Tim Cohee says that China Peak will be open Saturday, December 3rd and Sunday, December 4th. In total, he says he's expecting anywhere from six to eight feet of snow by Sunday night.

Stock Down

A Grand Unified Theory of the FTX Disaster

ftx crash
© Getty Images
"No matter what political reasons are given for the war, the underlying reason is always economic." -A. J. P. Taylor
This is the work of many hundreds of people, distilled and organized in a way that hopefully brings the Bigger Picture to light — at least insofar as we all can research and interpret it better. Apologies to those participating whose work is not included in the scores of links provided.

So far as I can tell, everyone has this story wrong. Many people put together some frame of the puzzle just fine, but this can be a dangerous distraction, so I'd like to take a shot at sorting it out. After all, it's only human extinction on the line.

Follow me on this...

I may edit parts in or out, or write additional articles to clarify related events.

TL;DR - You may want to break this up into two or three reading sessions. This is by far the longest article I've written. It has to be. And it won't be the tightest or best-edited. But it's the most important one to date, so I don't want to hold back. My apologies.


'Unprecedented': Shockwave & 'huge roar' reported in Gran Canaria following meteor fireball event

meteorite gran canaria
First, it ripped the sky over La Palma, La Gomera and Tenerife at great speed, like lightning that emitted colours with shades of green and red, to then cause such a roar over Gran Canaria that it was heard from many areas of the island before, finally, crashing in the sea, causing astonishment among the islanders who, at first, didn't know what it was.

Scientists have confirmed that it was a meteorite which, although it is not the first to fall in the Archipelago, there are no precedents for what happened yesterday, as it was accompanied by tremors. Fortunately, the Emergency Services announced that there is no record that it caused injuries or material damage.

The incident occurred yesterday (Wednesday) just after 3pm, although the exact time of the impact recorded by the measurement systems installed by Involcan and the National Geographic Institute (IGN) recorded various readings between 3:16pm and 4:35pm.

Comment: It sounds like it was a particularly bodacious meteor fireball. And, while small meteorites may have fallen into the sea following the object's overhead explosion, it's more likely that eyewitnesses observed it 'disappear over the horizon', not literally make impact in the Atlantic Ocean.

The Canary Seismic Network, which operates INVOLCAN, has registered at 16:35 hours (Canary time) a seismic signal on the island of Gran Canaria caused by the passage of a powerful acoustic wave across the island.The preliminary analysis of seismograms shows a form compatible with an N-wave, produced by the impact on the earth's surface of a shock wave caused by an object, natural or artificial, moving in the atmosphere at its speed personality.The following figure shows the seismogram recorded by the GART seismic station (Artenara).The N-wave is a signal that produces a crash wave that impacts the Earth's surface and most likely its source was a solid https://es.wikipedia.org/wiki/B%C3%B3lido

Snakes in Suits

Nuclear war risks, Pope's 'unchristian' remarks, and 'lies' about Ukraine talks: Key points from Lavrov's press conference

© Ruptly
Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov gives a press conference on European security issues in Moscow, December 1, 2022.
The US is pursuing geostrategic goals without regard for the risk of nuclear escalation amid the ongoing Ukraine conflict, Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov said on Thursday during a press conference. Moscow is nonetheless ready for dialogue with Washington or any other party that wishes to engage, he added.

Lavrov also explained Russia's choice of strike targets in Ukraine, and touched on recent comments by the Pope, which Moscow has branded as an "insinuation."

Here's a recap of the main points from Lavrov's video-link press conference.

Evil Rays

The Evil Of The Political Left Is Rooted In Their Exploitation Of Tragedies

Evil Of The Political Left
What is the root of all evil? Money? No, not really. Money is just a tool, like a hammer, a wrench or even a gun. When I think of evil I don't envision a handgun or a rifle or a big pile of hundred dollar bills. Instead, I see nightly news talking heads spreading disinformation and fear. I see mobs of over-emotional and ignorant activists setting fire to buildings, tearing things down because they don't know how to build anything useful and new. And above it all, I see a small group of elites hovering, licking their chops as they fantasize about the potential power that can be gained from exploiting the chaos.

The willingness to destroy and cause suffering for personal benefit is evil. The willingness to feed off the tragedies of others is evil. And these are the cold characteristics that currently define the political left.

There have been multiple criminal events and national emergencies over the past few years that leftists have been very quick to hijack or scapegoat onto conservatives, often with embarrassing results for themselves. The most recent being the Colorado "Club Q" shooting in which 5 people died and at least 19 were injured. Here was the mainstream media's reaction to the event, with little to no facts on hand to back their claims:


Southern states are hit by TWENTY-THREE tornadoes overnight as more are expected

Tornado damage reported near District One Volunteer Fire/Rescue in Lowndes County, MS

Tornado damage reported near District One Volunteer Fire/Rescue in Lowndes County, MS
Tornadoes and huge thunderstorms barreled across Louisiana, Mississippi and Alabama late Tuesday and into Wednesday morning, sending millions hunkering down for cover overnight as Southern states were hit by 23 tornadoes.

The National Weather Service (NWS) confirmed that tornadoes hit the ground in Mississippi on Tuesday evening and Alabama was in the path of the storms during the overnight hours, leaving severe damage and at least two dead in Montgomery.

Several homes have been destroyed, thousands of people have been left without power, and a Mississippi church is now missing its steeple as forceful winds, torrential storms, and tornadoes tore threw.


'Is Washington Our Ally or Not?': EU Officials Accuse US of Profiteering Off Ukraine Crisis

g20 meeting indonesia meeting
© AFP / Saul Loeb
International leaders gather to hold an emergency meeting to discuss a missile strike on Polish territory near the border with Ukraine, on the side line of the G20 leaders' summit in Nusa Dua, on the Indonesian resort island of Bali on November 16, 2022.
The allegations come as temperatures across Europe continue to drop, and amid the bombshell revelation by former British Prime Minister Boris Johnson this week that the UK's European allies recognized the economic fallout which would accompany a long Russia-Ukraine conflict, and sought its speedy resolution in the spring.

European Union officials and diplomats have accused Washington of profiteering off the Ukraine crisis via energy and weapons sales, and warned that the mood is shifting against the US among its allies on the other side of the Atlantic.

"The fact is, if you look at it soberly, the country that is most profiting from this war is the US because they are selling more gas and at higher prices, and because they are selling more weapons," one senior European official told a German-owned media group on condition.

Comment: The Empire is cannibalizing itself in one last, wheezing gasp. The craven leaders of the EU have only themselves to blame for the mess they find themselves in. But then, they have no interest in the welfare of those they rule over.


Putin now regards Minsk agreements as 'mistake', suggests Ukraine war could last for years

© RIA/Maxim Blinov
President Putin views a model of the Transport Interchange Hub at the mouth of the Shosha River in Zavidovo in the Tver Region RIA/Maxim Blinov
Most likely, the fighting will continue into 2023, and quite probably beyond, until either Moscow or Kiev is exhausted, or one side claims a decisive victory

Last week, Russian President Vladimir Putin commented, during a meeting with soldiers' mothers, that he now regards the Minsk agreements of 2014 and 2015 as a mistake. This concession was stark in the context of the possibility of peace negotiations to end the fighting in Ukraine.

It is worth remembering that in 2014, Putin acted on a mandate from the Russian parliament to use military force "in Ukraine," not just in Crimea. In fact, Moscow did save the cities of Donetsk and Lugansk from being overrun by Kiev's army, and defeated Ukraine's forces, but rather than clearing the whole region of Donbass, Russia stopped, and agreed to a cease-fire brokered in Minsk by Germany and France.

Comment: The Russians made it clear before now that this war will go on for most of 2023.

Alarm Clock

'New Normal': Three runners suffer heart attacks, 25 others need medical attention following Spanish half-marathon

heart attack runner spain half marathon
© Gaintxurizketa
A race official renders assistance to a runner in the Behobia-San Sebastián half-marathon which took place November 13, 2022
Three participants suffered heart attacks and 125 others required medical assistance following the Behobia-San Sebastián half-marathon last week. According to America's Frontline News, 33 runners reportedly required hospitalization.

The Behobia to San Sebastian half-marathon, a 15-mile historic running race held in the Spanish Basque Country, is held each year in November.

The Behobia-San Sebastián race has a very rigorous route with two high points, Gaintxurizketa (4 miles) and Miracruz (10 miles) In this year's edition, the event was attended by 30,000 runners and running enthusiasts.

Comment: The complicating factor of Covid vaccination was studiously avoided by the originating Spanish source. But even without that wrinkle, research has already shown that extreme endurance sports are bad for one's health.

Bad Guys

Netherlands to shut down 3,000 farms to comply with EU rules despite UN warning of looming global food shortages

dutch german farmers protest
© Vincent Jannink /ANP/AFP / Getty Images
FILE PHOTO: Farmers gather with their vehicles next to a Germany/Netherlands border sign during a protest on the A1 highway, near Rijssen, against the Dutch Government's nitrogen plans on June 29, 2022
The Dutch government plans to buy and close down up to 3,000 farms near environmentally sensitive areas to comply with EU nature preservation rules.

The Netherlands is attempting to cut down its nitrogen pollution and will push ahead with compulsory purchases if not enough farms take up the offer voluntarily.

Comment: 'Voluntarily', and the public will not only be funding these tyrannical moves but they'll also have to suffer the consequences. And, once this goes ahead, more farms will likely be targeted.

Farmers will be offered a deal "well over" the worth of the farm, according to the government plan that is targeting the closure of 2,000 to 3,000 farms or other major polluting businesses.

Comment: Amidst burgeoning food shortages across the planet, those farms will be worth much more than the government is offering.

Comment: Meanwhile farmers over in the UK are being put out of business by other methods: Vegetable shortage threatens UK as supermarkets refuse to pay local farmers increased costs of production

See also: 'Hell on earth': UN warns world is facing 'perfect storm' of food shortages