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Wed, 19 Jan 2022
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Large British study finds risk of myocarditis doubles after each mRNA jab

A study coming out of Britain showed an alarming increase in the risk for myocarditis, which is inflammation in the heart, after every mRNA jab, particularly in males under 40.

The study was published last month, and it analyzed data from over 42 million people 13 and older who have taken a COVID-19 shot. It was conducted by various researchers from institutions at the University of Oxford, University of Leicester, University of Edinburgh, King's College London and University of Nottingham.

The findings showed that myocarditis risk doubled after one jab, doubled again after a second jab and doubled yet again after a third booster jab.

"An association between COVID-19 infection and myocarditis was observed in all ages for both sexes but was substantially higher in those older than 40 years," the study's abstract states. "These findings have important implications for public health and vaccination policy."


New Harvard Data (accidentally) reveal how lockdowns crushed the working class while leaving elites unscathed

small business closed covid
© Pixabay
Small businesses and low-income workers suffered the most under covid lockdown policies
Founding father and the second president of the United States John Adams once said that "Facts are stubborn things; and whatever may be our wishes, our inclinations, or the dictates of our passion, they cannot alter the state of facts and evidence." What he meant was that objective, raw numbers don't lie — and this remains true hundreds of years later.

We just got yet another example. A new data analysis from Harvard University, Brown University, and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation calculates how different employment levels have been impacted during the pandemic to date. The findings reveal that government lockdown orders devastated workers at the bottom of the financial food chain but left the upper-tier actually better off.

The analysis examined employment levels in January 2020, before the coronavirus spread widely and before lockdown orders and other restrictions on the economy were implemented. It compared them to employment figures from March 31, 2021.

The picture painted by this comparison is one of working-class destruction.

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Extinction Rebellion donor leads world's top-performing hedge fund

Chris Hohn
© Micha Theiner/Cityam/Rex/Shutterstock
Chris Hohn runs the Children’s Investment fund and paid himself $152m last year.
The world's 20 top performing hedge fund managers earned a record $65.4bn ($48bn) profit for their clients in 2021 after bets placed on rising stock markets paid off.

The biggest winner was TCI, the fund run by British billionaire Sir Chris Hohn, which made a gain of $9.5bn last year, according to the annual rankings by LCH Investments.

TCI, which manages about $44bn of assets and is known in the City and on Wall Street as one of the most aggressive activist investors, made a gain of 23.3% in 2021. TCI, which stands for the Children's Investment fund, has made total gains of $36.5bn since it was set up in 2003.

Hohn, a philanthropist and climate crisis activist, paid himself $152m last year, less than a third of the $475m he received the previous year.

He has pumped more than £4bn into his personal children's charity and in recent years has taken on a second cause: the climate crisis, promising to use TCI's $44bn of investments to "force change on companies who refuse to take their environmental emissions seriously".

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Tonga volcano eruption created puzzling ripples in Earth's atmosphere

Comment: We're through the looking glass here people!

Powerful waves ringing through the atmosphere after the eruption of Hunga Tonga-Hunga Haʻapai are unlike anything seen before.
Hunga Tonga–Hunga Haʻapai
The US National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s GOES-West satellite captured the explosive eruption of Hunga Tonga–Hunga Haʻapai.
Scientists are racing to understand a puzzling series of massive ripples in Earth's atmosphere triggered by the eruption of the Tongan volcano at the weekend. Satellite data shows that the event — which some fear might have devastated the Pacific-island nation — provoked an unusual pattern of atmospheric gravity waves. Previous volcanic eruptions have not produced such a signal, leaving experts stumped.

"It's really unique. We have never seen anything like this in the data before," says Lars Hoffmann, an atmospheric scientist at the Jülich Supercomputing Centre in Germany.

The discovery was made in images collected by the Atmospheric Infrared Sounder (AIRS), mounted on Nasa's Aqua satellite, in the hours after the eruption of the Hunga Tonga-Hunga Haʻapai volcano on 14 January.

They show dozens of concentric circles, each representing a fast-moving wave in the gases of the atmosphere, stretching for more than 16,000 kilometres. The waves reached from the ocean surface to the ionosphere, and researchers think that they probably passed around the globe several times.

Evil Rays

Mass Formation Psychosis: Deployed on You by Elites After Over 200 Years of Study

mass formation psychosis
Junior academics cited by "Forbes", AP, Reuters and "The Independent" have not done their homework

Today in "factchecking the factcheckers", junior academics cited by Forbes, Associated Press, Reuters and The Independent have just not done their homework concerning the work of Professor Dr. Mattias Desmet of the University of Ghent in Belgum. All I can say about this is that I hope that their naive, ignorant, grandstanding statements to the press are brought up during their future Academic Tenure and Advancement reviews.

But there has been an amazingly coordinated effort to shoot the messenger and actively character assassinate (or "defenstrate") me as a surrogate while avoiding any reference to the highly credentialed academic Professor Dr. Mattias Desmet who actually developed the theory and has documented the extensive evidence in an upcoming academic book. So, what can we learn from this in the short term?

Clearly, Google was not the only corporation triggered by Joe Rogan podcast # 1757 which previously reached #1 podcast ranking worldwide, has been referred to as "the most important interview of our time" and has been seen by over 50 million viewers. But what absolutely has been generated by all of the coopted reactionary press and Big Tech titans metaphorically tripping over their shoelaces is a massive trove of real time data validating the brilliant Mass Formation intellectual synthesis developed by Professor Desmet over the last two years.


Tennis star Novak Djokovic deported from Australia after losing final visa battle

Comment: The Aussie pathocrats sure milked this for all it's worth...

Novak Djokovic
© James Ross/EPA-EFE
Serbian tennis star Novak Djokovic was deported Sunday after losing an 11th-hour bid in an Australian federal court to save his chances to compete in the Australian Open after refusing to be vaccinated against COVID-19.

The Australian federal court unanimously found that Immigration Minister Alex Hawke was within his legal rights to cancel Djokovic's visa for the second time Friday on the grounds that the tennis star's views on vaccines posed a risk to the public health and "good order" of the country.

Djokovic has won nine Australian Open titles, including the past three, and was seeking a record 21st Grand Slam title. He is tied with Rafael Nadal and Roger Federer.

Comment: Sky News detailed responses to Djokovic deportation from the Serbian president and Djokovic's family:
Behaviour towards Novak 'scandalous', says family

Djokovic's family have reacted for the first time since the decision to deport him was finalised.

Their statement said: "We are very disappointed with the decision of the Federal Court and the fact that Novak has to leave Australia.

"This was not just about sport, and playing in the first Grand Slam of the season, which Novak has dominated for a decade, but also politics and all the interests that prevailed in this case.

"Despite the scandalous behaviour towards Novak, we believed that sport would win.

"We believed that the fact confirmed by the court would be respected - that Novak has a valid visa, that justice will be served and that no 'public interests' will be an excuse for the decision made.

"What we all need to do, and first of all us as his family, is to give him support now more than ever.

"We will be here to share the blows he received, to help him regain his energy, his faith in this sport, above all in fair play, which was completely absent here.

"We are proud of him and the strength he showed and the fight he led with dignity.

"We believe that he will come out of this situation stronger and that time will show what he has indisputably always confirmed so far, and that is that he is a great champion and a man."


'Australian authorities humiliated themselves' - Serbian president

Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic has said he's already spoken to his countryman.

"I spoke to Djokovic and told him we cannot wait to see him," Mr Vucic told reporters.

The president said there had been a "witch hunt" against Djokovic and criticised the way he was treated.

"I think the Australian authorities humiliated themselves with these kind of procedures pressing against Novak Djokovic, 10 days of torturing him and after all, the terrible media campaign that was launched by them and by many others in the West was really something very terrible," he said.

"And we wait for our Novak here. He is the world champion, but he is our champion. And of course, he's in our hearts."

Scott Morrison said he would consider ending Djokovic's three-year ban into Australia early, given the right circumstances...
But he has left the door open for Djokovic to compete at next year's Australian Open, despite the tennis star facing an automatic three-year ban from entering the country.

"I'm not going to pre-condition any of that or say anything that would not enable the minister to make the various calls he has to make," Mr Morrison told 2GB radio on Monday.

"It does go over a three-year period, but there is the opportunity for (a person) to return in the right circumstances, and that will be considered at the time."

Mr Vucic expressed disappointment at the ruling, and accused the Australian government of "harassing" Djokovic.

The Serbian Tennis Association said the "farce is over" and "politics has beaten sports" with Australia's decision to deport Djokovic.
What would be classed as the "right circumstances"; if he was vaccinated?

His former coach Boris Becker wrote an op-ed for the Daily Mail, titled "Novak Djokovic is like family to me but he is making a BIG mistake in not getting vaccinated... it is a decision that threatens his chance to cement himself as the GREATEST player of all time".

Here are some excerpts:
I did not have the chance to speak to Novak but I would urge him to get vaccinated — although whether he would listen is another matter. I also accept that as someone in my fifties I look at my health in a different way from those in their twenties and thirties who feel more invincible.

I have had conversations with my own children who are in that bracket, eventually persuading them to have the jab. Will Novak take that step? I am not sure that he will.

He is incredibly strong-willed, with very firm beliefs. If he does not, then in 10 years he will look back on it and realise he made a mistake.

It is not just about Australia. The fact is that we are living in a different world and he is going to find it very hard to live the life of a professional tennis player travelling around without the vaccination.

Those are the rules, whether one likes them or not, and you have to accept it. Maybe one day we will get back to a more normal situation, but at 34 he does not have much time left to pursue his goals.
He has an extreme diet and an extreme lifestyle to give himself the best chance, and ultimately you have to say he has made the right decisions because the results show it.
This is why the PTB fear him! If he has consistently made choices for this health and wellbeing that have paid off, then you can bet he made an informed decision about the covid vaccination. The PTB cannot have their narrative questioned. Given the alarming increase in mortality rates particularly in young males after taking the covid vaccine, it's no wonder he is staying well away.

We only have to look at the long list of athletes that have dropped dead or who have incurred life-altering conditions after taking the vaccine to see that for those in professional sports, it's not a good idea. Reports suggest that at least one player has already dropped out of the Australian Open due to breathing problems. And it's not just the players, Pedro Martinez & Federico Delbonis rushed to the aid of a ballboy who collapsed.


Latest, brilliant Neil Oliver monologue: 'They call us hateful childish idiots, but then, what are they?'

Neil Oliver
© screenshot
Neil Oliver goes there, directly to the epicenter of "build back better." In this monologue not only does Oliver highlight the connective tissue and motives of the elite, but he also references their words to point out the bigger leftist agenda at work.

Point One - The "Build Back Better" agenda (in every nation) was never about anything except radical climate change legislation. Once you accept that baseline, things start to become much clearer.

Point Two - The "Build Back Better" phrase came from the World Economic Forum and was promoted by a multitude of international leaders and left-wing organizations. That reality then brings up the most important point. To get to "building back better", you first need to destroy something. That thing they needed to destroy was the global economic dependency on carbon-based fuel supplies (oil, gas, coal, etc.).

Point Three - In order to destroy the 'something of that scale', the energy program for the entire world, something massive is needed to fundamentally change the entire world approach toward energy production. Something is needed to create the crisis that provides the origin for the process to initiate.

Comment: The author has tacked her own (thoughtful) take on the 'Build Back Better' scheme onto Neil's monologue, which simply takes note of the similarity of language used by leaders to malign dissidents against their schemes as 'less-than-human'.

Regarding hidden motivations for these schemes, the author is - in our opinion - correct about climate change being the larger motivating factor for elites.

The true horror of the situation, however, is that, just as the 'war against the virus' is fanciful because governments cannot affect the trajectories of airborne respiratory viruses, neither can they affect climate change.

Part of the illusion is that they have sold people a misleading version of climate change. What's really coming down the pipe is sudden, catastrophic change, which governments are powerless to stop or even mitigate.

The entire scheme, therefore - Covid-as-trigger, vaccinations-for-control, 'saving the planet' by transforming civilization's infrastructure - is a global exercise in deluding people, keeping them asleep in the false belief that 'governments have this in hand'.

They do not, and they will flee when the sh*t hits the fan...


China's trade surplus hit a record in 2021 as exports rose

Comment: Hang on a minute. They said the Chinese economy - and certainly its leadership - was DOOMED when Covid broke out there in early 2020:
financial times CCP Jinping covid
© FT.com
But two years later we learn that not only is the Chinese economy back online, it's roaring stronger than it has in a decade!?!

China's trade surplus hit a record high in 2021, boosted by strong exports that have topped market expectations since their pandemic recovery.

For the full year, China's exports rose 29.9% to a new high of $3.36 trillion, beating 2020's record of $2.6 trillion, according to data released by the General Administration of Customs on Friday.

Imports increased 30.1% in 2021, buoyed in part by soaring commodity prices. That translated to an annual trade surplus of $676.43 billion, surpassing the previous high of $593.9 billion in 2015, according to data provider Wind.

Comment: Another way of putting this is: China's economy (as measured by GDP) grew by a staggering 8.1% in 2021.

That's the highest rate of growth for the Chinese economy since 2011.

Here's the question this begs: if 'the world' is 'suffering the consequences of supply chain issues brought on by Covid/lockdowns', why isn't China?

It's still clearly doing business - record business! - somewhere, so... is it only the West undergoing shortages? And if so, can that really be China's 'fault'?


Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov's interview on Channel One's "The Great Game" political talk show, Moscow, January 13, 2022

© С.В.Лавров (Большая игра)/unsplash.com
Russian FM Sergey Lavrov
Vyacheslav Nikonov: We are not in the usual studio in Ostankino but in the Foreign Ministry's historic mansion on Spiridonovka Street. This is where the Limited Test Ban Treaty banning nuclear weapon tests in the atmosphere, in outer space and under water was signed and the first G8 summit took place in 1996.

We are discussing the problems of 2022, which had a most unusual beginning. Everyone expected the year to get off to a rapid start, but not quite in the way it happened. Sergey Lavrov, one of the most influential politicians and diplomats in our country and the world, is at the centre of these events. Dimitri Simes joins us live from Washington.

Now all attention is focused on the European security talks that your deputies conducted in Geneva and Brussels and today in Vienna. Judging by everything, our Western partners have not grasped the imperative character of the Russian proposals expressed in a draft treaty on security with the United States and an agreement with the NATO countries. They are used to talking on their own terms, not as equals. What could you say about these talks? Are they a success or a failure? Are they going better or worse, or about as you expected? What will come next?

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Defying US Caesar Act, China admits Syria into BRI

BRI china syria
© The Cradle
Syria is now the eighteenth Arab state to join the ambitious Chinese Belt and Road Initiative
Marking a major boost to Sino-Syrian relations, on 12 January, Syria joined the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI), China's ambitious infrastructure development strategy stretching from East Asia to Europe.

For analysts with an eye on Syria, the development was expected. In November 2021, President Bashar discussed his country gaining membership in the BRI with his counterpart in Beijing, Xi Jinping, following high-level meetings between officials of both states in previous months.

The move will likely help Syria deepen its cooperative and economic ties to other countries in the BRI, and enable it to circumvent the effects of harsh US sanctions on the country.

Comment: It seems that both China and Russia see that the West is becoming increasingly desperate, and dangerous, and that the time to make serious moves to neutralise them as best they can has arrived: And check out SOTT radio's: NewsReal: Why You Should Question Media Reports About China 'Causing Covid' And 'Invading Taiwan'