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Wed, 30 Nov 2022
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Brazil election result 'surprises' globalist media, but is foul play afoot against Bolsonaro?

lula bolsonaro
Former president Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva (known as "Lula") may have come out ahead with 48.4 percent of the vote in the first round of Brazil's presidential election on Sunday, but the winner of the night might still be incumbent Jair Bolsonaro. With 43.2 percent of the ballot, the far-right leader comfortably beat pre-election polls and is now on course to face off with his leftist rival in a nail-biting run-off that few observers saw coming.

In the final run-up to the election, and after two months of tense campaigning in a deeply polarized Brazil, Lula's supporters were swept up with enthusiasm after poll after poll predicted he would easily win the presidency. Their confidence grew even further after a last-minute survey - published on the eve of the vote - indicated that the former president could win the first-round vote outright.

Comment: Hmmm... Reminds us of this:
clinton 90% poll 2016
© Reuters

But when the polls closed at 5pm local time, and the Brazilian left gathered en masse to watch a ballot count they were confident would sway sharply in Lula's favour, a tense wait began.

For three long hours, the Superior Electoral Court's website showed Bolsonaro in the lead. It was not until 8pm, and after 70 percent of the ballots had been counted, that Lula began to overtake him.

Comment: Hmmm... Reminds us of this:
wisconsin election fraud

At around 10pm, the ballots issued a clear verdict: The two candidates would meet in an October 30 run-off - and the race is expected to be as tight as it is unpredictable.

Comment: Expected, by who?? Brazilian corporatist media polls for Brazilian Senate and House results were off by up to 40%, so why do they 'expect' it to be 'tight' between Lula and Bolsonaro? They SHOULD be expecting a landslide victory for Bolsonaro, based on his party's Senate/House/gubernatorial landslide victories. But they're not. Hmmm, this also reminds us of the 'enigma' of how the GOP increased its vote share in all races in the 2020 elections, except - allegedly - the presidential one.

Comment: Yeah, BOLSONARO has to wear one because they tried to assassinate during in the last election!!!

With all due respect to Lula, who served Brazil's national interests reasonably well in the early 2000s, he's got globalist interests in his camp this time around.

This website was tracking the vote counts on the night, and was shocked by the massive late 'vote dumps' that ALL went Lula's way.

Bad Guys

Bolsonaro shows huge early lead, but sees it disappear as statistically impossible one-way vote dumps put Lula ahead

lula bolsanaro brazil election runoff

Brazil's election is going into a second round in which left-winger Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva (L) will face far-right incumbent Jair Bolsonaro (R).
CDMedia Contributor Matthew Tyrmand gives a 'play by play' on Gettr for today's election in Brazil. Tyrmand believes what happened late in the day is impossible and election fraud is taking place via the voting machines.

See the progression of his reports below:
live tweets brazil election lula bolsonaro
© Matthew Tyrmand/Twitter

Comment: Smartmatic, who utilizes voting technology which Dominion Inc. of 2020 election fraud fame shared with them, has deeply sketchy roots, including ties to George Soros. From other elections Smartmatic was involved in:

Alarm Clock

On the fragility of the current regime

humpty Dumpty
You are the good guy in a Western movie showdown. You stand in the dusty street, facing your opponent, a black-clad gunslinger with a fearsome reputation. You have seen signs he's lost his touch — he drinks too much, and sometimes his hands shake and his eyes turn cloudy. But you also know that he's killed dozens of men. As you hand slides toward your gun, because it must, you wonder: which man do I face? The competent killer, or the hollow shell? We on the Right, and more broadly all Americans based in reality, ask ourselves this question as we square off against our increasingly vicious and unhinged rulers, aptly collectively called simply the Regime.

I believe that the Regime is a paper tiger, long past its expiration date and waiting only for the inevitable crisis, followed by fracture, that will destroy its power, and thereupon a replacement system of governance will rise. Yet we must avoid wish projection, and a paper tiger cannot be proven paper until it folds or burns. There is a strong element of scrying in any prediction about the political future, containing a vague feeling of imposture. Nonetheless, I will justify my position, and I will make a specific near-term prediction that can be falsified, so that I will thereby bear some prophecy risk.

Light Sabers

US Empire vs. a rising Sun in the East - A 'dangerous, bloody & dirty game'

© Kremlin
Russian President Vladimir Putin's keynote address at the Valdai Club last Thursday appears to have put Russia on a collision course with the U.S.-led "Rules Based International Order" (RBIO).

The Biden administration two weeks earlier released its 2022 National Security Strategy (NSS), a full-throated defense of the RBIO which all-but declares war on "autocrats" who are "working overtime to undermine democracy."

These two visions of the future of the world order define a global competition that has become existential in nature. In short, there can be only one victor.

Given the fact that the main players in this competition comprise the five declared nuclear powers, how the world manages the defeat of the losing side will, in large part, determine whether humanity will survive into the next generation.

Black Magic

CRT, Queer Theory, and Marxism by any other name

Angela Davis

Angela Davis
As a theory of "political economy," Marxism isn't at all complicated. At the very bottom, it is the belief that human beings are fundamentally social beings whose true nature shapes and is shaped by their societies. Off this, Marxism boils down to two essential beliefs about people and society. Those are
  1. The Division of Society Through Private Property: Some people illegitimately declared themselves the exclusive possessors of some special kind of private property and order society and its supporting ideological narratives to justify their claim on this property now and into the future; and
  2. A Dynamic Relationship Between "Praxis" and Its "Inversion": People — especially those with access to structural power — can shape society as a matter of continually becoming what it is and will be (called "praxis"), and in turn structural power in society shapes the people who live within it (called "the inversion of praxis"). Phrased otherwise: Man makes Society makes Man makes Society... in an endless loop of praxis and inversion of praxis.
That's how Marxism understands society. Basically, certain people create systemic (or structural) injustice by granting themselves exclusive access to a special form of private property and using it to shape society to their own persistent benefit, including by arranging systems and the narratives surrounding them to brainwash people into accepting this unjust state of affairs. This arrangement becomes the fundamental organizing principle of society until such time as it is overthrown from its conscious margins in societal revolution, according to Marxist thought.


Big freeze strikes Australia: Antarctic blast lashes east coast, SNOW dumps near Sydney as temperatures plunge to single digits in Melbourne - just 4 weeks out from summer

Icy gusts have lashed the east coast and snow is dumping just outside of Sydney

Icy gusts have lashed the east coast and snow is dumping just outside of Sydney
Australians have woken up to an icy morning as the country is lashed by two jet streams that have pooled cold air over the eastern seaboard.

The cold Antarctic air has been dragged north by a pend in the polar jetstream - a band of wind that continuously flows about 8 to 15km above sea level.

Icy gusts are lashing the east coast and snow is dumping just outside of Sydney and in south-eastern alpine region as the polar jetstream clashes with the separate subtropical jetstream.

It comes as residents of Melbourne and Canberra experience temperatures in the single digits - with the nation's capital hitting just six degrees on Wednesday morning and Melbourne nine degrees, with the mercury set to rise throughout the day.

No Entry

Florida proceeds with ban on 'puberty blockers' and 'sex reassignment surgeries' for minors

Comment: Yes, such a thing actually has to be regulated!...

© Stephen Zenner/SOPA Images/LightRocket via Getty Images
A protester holds the trans flag and snaps in solidarity with other speakers, during a demonstration at the Ohio Statehouse in Columbus, Ohio, on June 25, 2021.

Comment: More accurate wording for this headline would be: Florida bans sterilization and drugging of children with psychological issues and mental disorders, however the original was kept for clarity - with the terminology used in mainstream media discourse - and brevity.

Fox News sports contributor Clay Travis reacts to Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis signing legislation that bans transgender girls from competing in girls' and women's sports

A joint committee of Florida's two medical boards voted last week to draft a rule that would ban puberty blockers and other gender dysphoria treatments for minors in the state.

The Florida Board of Medicine and the state Board of Osteopathic Medicine voted Friday to proceed with a plan that will bar anyone under the age of 18 from receiving sex-reassignment surgery or taking hormones.

Comment: Their gender or sex is not 'reassigned' regardless of how much barbaric plastic surgery one has.

The vote came after a nearly five-hour discussion, where experts and the public voiced their opinions.

Comment: Florida's Surgeon General, who as noted below is highly credentialed, seems to be one of the few top medical officials capable of reason and critical thought:

An example of the transgender indoctrination information given to healthcare staff that is kept from public scrutiny:

Quenelle - Golden

United Nations GA vote declares Israel must get rid of its nuclear weapons

UNGA israel
© Mike Segar/Reuters
PRIME MINISTER Yair Lapid addresses the 77th Session of the United Nations General Assembly in New York City, last week.
Israel must dispose of all its nuclear weapons and place its nuclear sites under the International Atomic Energy Agency's purview, the United Nations General Assembly's First Committee stated in an initial 152-5 vote.

The five nations that opposed Friday's resolution on the "risk of nuclear proliferation in the Middle East" were: Canada, Israel, Micronesia, Palau and the United States. Another 24 countries abstained, including European Union members.

The annual resolution submitted by Egypt to the UNGA in New York was sponsored by the Palestinian Authority and 19 counties including Bahrain, Jordan, Morocco and the United Arab Emirates.

Comment: Is time finally running out for the terrorist state of Israel? Also check out SOTT radio's:


141 people dead after colonial-era bridge collapses in India's Gujarat state

Comment: Update 31 October 2022

The death toll has risen to 141 people.

bridge collapse

Rescue operation under way following failure of pedestrian suspension bridge in city of Morbi
At least 81 people were killed when a pedestrian bridge over a river in the western Indian state of Gujarat collapsed, plunging hundreds of people into the water, officials have said.

Authorities said that more than 150 people were on the suspension bridge over the Machchhu River in the city of Morbi at the time of the collapse.

TV footage showed dozens of people clinging on to the cables and twisted remains of the bridge as emergency teams struggled to rescue them. Some clambered up the broken structure to try to make their way to the riverbanks, while others swam to safety.

Prateek Vasava, who swam to the riverbank after falling from the bridge, told 24 Hours local news channel that he witnessed several children fall into the river.



120 dead after street stampede during Halloween celebrations in Seoul, South Korea

Comment: Update 30 Oct 2022

Final death toll: 153 dead.

korea stampede

Dozens of people have reportedly died after a huge crush in the South Korean capital Seoul
A massive stampede has left at least 120 people dead and hundreds more injured after a fatal crush amongst a 100,000-strong crowd on a narrow street during Halloween festivities in the South Korean capital Seoul.

An official from the National Fire Agency initially said around 100 people were injured during the deadly crowd surge on Saturday night in the Itaewon leisure district of Seoul.

It is believed that hundreds of thousands had gathered in Itaewon, Seoul to attend the city's 2022 Halloween Festival, but a crush occurred shortly after 10pm local time.

Comment: More images can be found at the article page, here.