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© AP Photo/Cliff OwenFormer U.N. Ambassador Nikki Haley speaks in Washington, May 22, 2024. Haley is releasing the delegates she won during this year's Republican primary so that they're free to support Donald Trump at next week's convention. Haley on Tuesday, July 9, opted to release her 97 delegates won across a dozen primaries and caucuses earlier this year.
Former South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley on Tuesday released all of her 97 delegates to the Republican National Convention and encouraged them to nominate former President Donald Trump and the convention next week in Milwaukee.

"The nominating convention is a time for Republican unity. Joe Biden is not competent to serve a second term and Kamala Harris would be a disaster for America," Ms. Haley said in a statement.

"We need a president who will hold our enemies to account, secure our border, cut our debt, and get our economy back on track. I encourage my delegates to support Donald Trump next week in Milwaukee."

When asked if Ms. Haley would be attending the convention, Haley spokeswoman Chaney Denton said, "She was not invited, and she's fine with that."

She added, "Trump deserves the convention he wants. She's made it clear she's voting for him and wishes him the best."

Ms. Haley, who mounted a spirited anti-Trump campaign for the GOP presidential nomination, ended her run in March but waited two months to announce she planned to vote for Mr. Trump.

After her announcement, Mr. Trump declared the Republican Party was unified behind him

"It's come together for a long time. You have to understand, we did the nomination process the fastest in history," Mr. Trump said on Fox News. "I believe the party is together. I appreciate what [Ms. Haley] said. The party is together, and I think we're going to have a tremendous victory."