Beachgoers in Brighton
Beachgoers in Brighton, June 26, 2024
June 2024 was a dry, cool and sunny month compared to the UK's long-term average, according to provisional Met Office figures.

The average mean temperature for June was 12.9°C (55°F) - around 0.4°C below the long-term meteorological average.

June was a 'month of contrasts' for many, with a cool first half of the month offset by warmth later in the month, with rainfall also in relatively short supply, especially in the south.

June was drier than average, with the UK recording 29 per cent less rainfall than the long-term meteorological average. In all, the UK saw 2.1 inches (55.1mm) of rain recorded across the month.

Wales and the south of England received much lower-than-average rainfall amounts compared with the rest of the UK.

Wales recorded 1.8-inch (48.1mm) which is 48 per cent less than average, while the south of England recorded 0.97-inch (24.8mm) which is 58 per cent less than the average.

Northern Scotland recorded above average amounts - it saw 4.8 inches (122.0mm) of rainfall, 32 per cent more than its average for June.

A Met Office spokesperson said: 'Temperatures in the first two weeks of June were around 2°C below average.

Brits had to wait for hot weather to arrive even as summer officially started. Pictured, beachgoers in Brighton, June 26, 2024

'This was due to northerly winds bringing cold Arctic air across the UK in what was a cool start to meteorological summer.

'The second half of the month saw high pressure as the jet stream moved north, bringing warmth to many, especially in the south.

'Some areas of southeast England exceeded 28°C for several days.'

Met Office said the top temperature was 30.5C at Wisley in Surrey on 26 June - also the hottest day of the year so far.

There were several locations that reached the required criteria to be considered a heatwave, described as a localised heatwave - but the heatwave wasn't a widespread event.

However, the warm weather was short-lived, and temperatures returned to around or below average for the last few days of the month.

Looking forward, the spokesperson said there's 'uncertainty in the forecast', but temperatures could recover to average or a little above after a cooler week this week.

'There is nothing at the moment in the forecast to suggest heatwave conditions but the detail will become clearer through the week,' the spokesperson said.

'As for the second half of the month, it is just too far ahead to give that kind of detail at this range.'