biden debate
It's fascinating to watch the various corporate mass media "news" outlets, such as CNN and The New York Times, pretend like they've suddenly discovered that Joe Biden has dementia, rather than just the "stutter" that they have been claiming for years. These "journalistic" organizations had previously been colluding with the Democrat Party to cover up the truth about the "broken-down pile of crap" — to use Trump's brutally honest laugh-out-loud description. But when reality was finally exposed live-on-TV for 90 solid minutes for all the world to see, the jig was up, and they were forced to come clean.

Although the Dems' media mouthpieces are feigning shock at Biden's woeful debate performance and obvious cognitive problems, many American people truly are in shock, because they had ignorantly believed all the media lies about Joe's stuttering "speech impediment." When they watched him weakly mumble incoherently and appear pathetically confused throughout that CNN debate, millions of Americans were reminded of elderly relatives suffering from dementia. They had no idea that their president was in such a decrepit condition.

Of course, those Americans would have known the truth years before that debate, if they had only had enough intellectual curiosity to look at alternative media sources or even mainstream conservative news outlets, which have been reporting on Biden's deteriorating cognitive condition since at least 2019. I remember Tucker talking about it when the Dem presidential candidates were beginning their primary campaigns in 2019.

So now, many of the previously dishonest news outlets and even a growing number of Democrat politicians and — most importantly — donors have become so worried about the party's electoral prospects, that they are actually calling on Biden to step down as the nominee or even to immediately resign. It will be interesting to see what happens the rest of this week. Perhaps the dam will finally break wide open, and the Democrat House and Senate leadership, along with Obama, will tell Joe that he simply has to go. The party is surely not going to let "Doctor" Jill dictate its future!

Joe will go

I suspect that Biden will soon be forced to drop out of the race and resign the presidency, making Harris the incumbent president. Biden will go kicking, dragging, and screaming, but he will have to go at this point. He cannot survive this crisis. Too many party and media bigwigs have made this point too forcefully to go back on it now. They will find a way to make it happen.

This situation reminds me of 1974 (yes, I remember that far back), when a growing number of Republicans called on Nixon to resign, and eventually he did. Nixon went reluctantly but willingly. Biden will not go willingly, but he will go — even if they have to "JFK" him, which would not be difficult, considering his fragile condition. (Whoops, there goes the president tumbling all the way down the steps of Air Force One! Oh, what a tragedy.)

After that nasty business is out of the way, the party will choose a widely-seen-as attractive, or at least generally reassuring, running mate for Harris. And then they — the Dem party and its media allies — will run a massive propaganda campaign to polish up Kamala's image, miraculously transforming her into a combination of brilliant leader, wise stateswoman, and middle-age glamour girl. And it will probably work! Much of the public will eagerly eat it up, considering that they have repeatedly been told what an existential "threat to democracy" Trump would be if elected to another term. "Anybody but Trump" (though preferably not a dementia patient).

Americans are easy

The American people are easy. They are easy to lie to and easy to convince that stinking bullshit flies as the beautiful bird of truth. It took me years to fight through the ubiquitous, overwhelming government-corporate-media bullshit in order to see some semblance of truth, as I describe in my new book, Searching for Truth in the Empire of Lies: An Evolution of Political and Societal Perspectives During the Decline of America and its Empire. And it's an ongoing process. I still get fooled every now and then. But at least I try to cut through the crap, look at alternative news sources, and develop my own independent opinions.

That's because I have a fairly well-functioning brain (though admittedly somewhat faulty). Unfortunately, much of the rest of the American public behaves as if its collective brain functions as well as Biden's. In fact — when it comes to politics, current events, and global affairs — many Americans act as if they are suffering from dementia.

Indications of American dementia

Like the old man with Alzheimer's who insists he can still drive a car safely — or the demented president who insists that he is "running the world" — Americans are delusional. They think that the United States is still the all-powerful superpower that rules the world. We are the world's one "essential" nation, as Biden says. We can do anything we want, and do it with pride! Everybody else wants to be like us, except those "terrorists" who are just jealous of us. This is what many Americans ignorantly but sincerely believe as they wave their fucking flags and shoot off their fucking fireworks.

Those Americans do not understand that America is a dying empire, currently getting its proxy ass kicked in Ukraine (as it previously did in Iraq, Afghanistan, Vietnam, etc, etc), but still working overtime to keep the flames of war and chaos burning all around the world in desperate attempts to assert its crumbling global hegemony and to distract attention away from its profound cultural and societal pathologies at home. Americans don't know that their country's warmongering, imperialist, colonialist, resource-robbing policies are despised in most of the world (other than the empire's European dependencies). They would be shocked to learn that good ol' Uncle Sam is viewed as the "bad guy" in much of the global South, which is more likely to look at Russia and China as the "good guys."

People all around the world know that the United States' self-professed championing of "democracy" is bullshit. You don't champion democracy by establishing 1,000 military bases in foreign countries throughout your empire, or by staging coups in country after country, or by persecuting and prosecuting political opponents and dissidents at home, or by staging fraudulent elections.

Americans are too delusional to comprehend the worldwide evil that is committed in the name of their glorious red, white, and blue country, which they have been propagandized since childhood to believe is a deeply moral and ethical nation. Do they know they their tax moneys are responsible for the ongoing unnecessary slaughter of hundreds of thousands of Ukrainians in a war that the United States purposefully provoked? No, of course they do not know this in their advanced state of dementia. Do they know that the United States has sabotaged all efforts to end this war? No, of course they do not know this either.

Americans are too demented to understand that their "main ally" and the "only democracy" in the Middle East is an evil, colonial/settler, genocidal pseudo-state that has been using American money and weapons to persecute, dispossess, and murder hundreds of thousands (millions?) of innocent people for the past eight decades. But unlike the confused, ignorant Americans and their equally demented European stooges, most of the rest of the clear-thinking world can see the evil of Israel and the righteousness of the Palestinian cause. If Americans were to be made aware of such a perspective, they would refuse to believe it — just like Biden refuses to believe various realities. That crazy old man actually said in the ABC interview that one of his greatest accomplishments is bringing peace to the Middle East! WTF??

So, Biden is delusional and ignorant about current reality, and Americans are equally delusional and ignorant about what the hell is going on in the world. But these are not the only symptoms of dementia with which Americans struggle. They also seem extremely forgetful about past events.

Americans have already seemingly forgotten about how the government and media lied to them about COVID — all the nonsense about protective vaccines and masks and social distancing and getting fired from jobs because of a fascist mandate . . . or maybe they're so damn slow that they still haven't figured this out?

Americans have obviously forgotten about the fraudulent election of 2020, or else they wouldn't apparently be having so much hope and anticipation about the election this year, whether they're for Trump or Biden or whoever. Or haven't they figured that one out either? Do they really think the U.S. election system is fair and honest? You'd have to be suffering from dementia to believe that.

There are lots of other things Americans repeatedly act like they've forgotten about. Like how their government and media have lied to them over and over for the past several decades, about the Kennedy assassinations, about Vietnam, about Watergate, about 9/11, about Iraq and Afghanistan and Libya, about January 6, and about countless other things. Americans must have forgotten these things, because they still keep believing the bullshit being endlessly excreted by the government and the media.

Dementia or stupidity?

It might be fair to ask whether Americans show more signs of pathologic dementia or simple stupidity. It could be both. Trump has often related the story of how his late buddy, Ted Kennedy, used to call Biden "the dumbest man in the Senate." And that was decades ago — long before the dementia set in. But I tend to agree with Caitlin Johnstone, my favorite political writer, who has observed that the problem is really not that Americans are stupid; rather, they are just intellectually lazy. Well, intellectual laziness might be considered another indication of dementia. The brain just ain't workin' so good, and I'm feelin' kinda weak and tired.

Thus, I maintain that the United States (the collective representation of Americans) is indeed a nation with dementia. Moreover, Biden is the perfect representation of such a nation. So, hell, come to think of it, he should stay! Don't quit, Joe! You are us, and we are you! We need you, Joe!

But maybe the Dems should start lining up Biden's eventual successor by scouting out the dying late-stage Alzheimer's residents in the nation's numerous nursing homes. I'm sure there is plenty of untapped talent there that would be very appropriate for leadership positions in these waning days of the American empire.