Heavy midweek rains — and even egg-sized hailstones — lashed the Western Balkans overnight, leading to two deaths in Montenegro and damaged infrastructure across the region.

Two people were killed after a powerful storm swept through Slovenia, Bosnia, Serbia and Montenegro on Tuesday morning.

The torrential weather came after days of sizzling temperatures, damaging houses, pulling out trees, and flooding streets, according to officials, sending temperatures plummeting.

The extreme weather in Eastern Europe comes after a heavy storm in Switzerland and northern Italy caused extensive flooding and landslides, leaving at least four people dead, according to local authorities.

One worker died at a construction site in the Montenegrin coastal town of Čanj, while another person died from a lightning strike in Luštica, local media reported.

Heavy rain, hail and strong winds tore through Slovenia on Monday before pushing east to pummel Croatia, Bosnia, Serbia and finally Montenegro on Tuesday morning.

Footage from the Balkan region showed rooftops and facades poked with holes from hail, trees falling on cars and roads turning into rivers in Serbia's capital Belgrade and other cities.