Putin with Rifle
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Reports from The Telegraph and authors James Rothwell and Roland Oliphant tell the harrowing tale of Russian Vladimir Putin personally probing NATO's defenses. According to "security chiefs" somewhere in London, Sweden, or the Baltic States, "Vladimir Putin is testing NATO borders for weak spots." Heaven forbids (the liberal order) Russian leaders from gathering intelligence on aggressive states. The following is the story's comic book (or RAND report) version.

Allegations and Dramatic Imagery

The Telegraph report is supported by former Ukrainian MP Aliona Hlivco, who is looking into her crystal ball. The Managing Director of the Henry Jackson Society, Aliona Hlivco, has reportedly seen Putin stabbing a fixed bayonet from a Kalashnikov across foggy borders into Baltic territory. President Putin's vicious thrusts into NATO territory are further evidenced by girlish screams from the other end of Putin's weapon. Meanwhile, the latest assessments suggest the NATO borders up North are safe. This is proven by the constant and relentless whining of former MPs and Washington think tank geniuses.

As ridiculous as this all sounds, what else could the "logical" answer to the Baltic hysteria? Some analysts even think the EU, London, and Washington leaders are so worried that they've taken up defensive positions along these borders. Observers said the Russian president's latest "test pokings" have sent hundreds of Estonian, Latvian, and Lithuanian politicians to infirmaries with stab wounds to their posteriors.

For those among you wondering how geopolitical analysis has been transformed into sarcasm and cynicism, I assure you we have only seen the beginning. And this writer did not start it, and neither did Vladimir Putin. The Telegraph, BBC, the WAPO, the mighty New York Times, every major Western media outlet, think tank, political fundraiser, and corporate strategy meeting hinges on Vladimir Putin and the Russians as barbarians hell-bent on world conquest. All NEO readers have known this for years now. Only the lunacy continues to escalate.

Escalating Tensions and Western Actions

The West-East relationship is spiralling ever downward. Key European nations are rattling sabres, suggesting troops be sent to Ukraine. The go-ahead for Ukraine to fire U.S., British, French, and German weapons into Russia is imminent. From a logical perspective, as an American, I marvel at how patient Putin and the Russians have been. I try to imagine foreign-made and supplied missiles being fired at El Paso, Texas, from Mexico. War would have already been declared, I guess. And now German Chancellor Olaf Scholz and French President Emmanuel Macron noted that French weapons sent to Ukraine, including long-range missiles, are now permitted to target bases inside Russia.

Russian Response and The Path to War

Tass quoted Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov saying that NATO countries, especially the US and several European countries, had "entered a new round of escalating tension, and they are doing this deliberately." Peskov also said the NATO allies are doing everything possible to keep Ukraine in this unwinnable conflict. In addition, the rotten leadership of Denmark has authorised the use of donated F-16s to attack targets inside Russia. Of particular import here is the potential nuclear capability of the F-16. (F-16s can carry the B-61 tactical nuclear bomb)

And Putin is accused of probing NATO! The ideal Russian leader would concern himself (or herself) with downing caviar and Beluga vodka in Sochi and forgetting about defending their nation. The "ideal" Russian leader in the minds of the Western elites would be someone like Sleepy Joe Biden, a dangling puppet who shakes hands with invisible people and falls off his bicycle.

Concerning Putin and his AK-47 with a stabbing weapon attached, this RAND report seems to say Russians poking around in the Baltics may be one "path" to war. Read it if you find the time. RAND seems to classify Vladimir Putin's recent "probings" as non-kenatic (indirect military action). Anyway, the geniuses in Washington seem to be provoking an escalation of the Ukraine conflict. We must all wait to see if the "poked" NATO front line gets smarter or dumber. Biden and Washington experts will admonish them to take the dumb route, no doubt.

Stay tuned in case Putin probes NATO neighbors with more significant instruments.