An ash plume drifting northeast of Home Reef around ~1:30 AM today June 21, was detected by the HIMAWARI-9 AHI satellite, Tonga Geological Services reported.

This Volcano Watch Team monitoring the volcanic activities at Home Reef Volcano, issued Public Notice No.7 at 9:00 this morning.

"Home Reef Volcano continues to be closely monitored due to ongoing volcanic activity. Over the past 16 hours since the last Public Notice, VOLCAT has detected a total of five (5) thermal anomalies. The most recent anomaly was observed at 4:56 AM this morning (refer to Figure 1). Recent MODIS-MIROVA satellite imagery indicates a slight decrease in Volcanic Radiative Power (VRP), represented by qualitative changes in Figure 2. Additionally, the HIMAWARI-9 AHI satellite detected an ash plume drifting northeast of Home Reef around ~1:30 AM (refer to Figure 3)."

"The volcanic activity poses a low risk to the Vava'u and Ha'apai Communities. However, all Mariners are advised to sail beyond 4 km from Home Reef until further notice.

"The public is at this moment advised to adhere to these restrictions for safety purposes," advised Tonga Geological Services.

Monitoring of the volcano is ongoing daily on the status of the current eruption.

Home Reef is located 25 km southwest of Late Island, 22 km northeast of Lateiki (Metis Shoal), and 75 km northwest of Mo'unga'one Island at Latitude and Longitude 18.992°S & 174.775°W