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It's been a long time coming, but finally, inexorably, like a Wuhan lab leak, the truth about Covid-19 appears to be seeping out. Short of running the world's largest Excel spreadsheet on 'conspiracy theories which came true', it appears safe to say that the anti-vaxxers and covidiots among us (other slurs are available from those who learned nothing from Brexit), were right about practically everything.

So, how did we know? Us 'little people', who clearly aren't world-renowned virologists, and therefore had no right to an opinion on the matter. I suspect, like most of you, I know bullshit when I smell it; a talent for which we receive neither thanks nor apology from those bereft of the ability. In my case I had a slight advantage (having literally written the book on bullshit), and I'll repeat what I wrote back in 2019:

The very least that scammers, politicians and governments could do it seems to me, is not insult the public's intelligence with lies which wouldn't pass muster in a primary school detention.

Unfortunately in the case of Covid, the lies told by our governments were so breathtakingly amateur, even the most conformist among us had no credible option but to question them.

For me the penny dropped with the justification for the first lockdown - we had to do it to save nan and grandad, the Tories told us. This raised serious alarm bells immediately. Short of their propensity to vote, no government gives a hoot about anyone past retirement age. In fact, the ideal scenario would be for us all to drop dead the moment we qualify for a state pension. Otherwise, there's always the danger that the elderly will continue to drain the Exchequer; monopolise hospital beds, housing stock, space on public transport, and otherwise clog up infrastructure which could be better invested in Mohammad and Abdul, fresh off the latest Uber dinghy at Dover. In fact, Boris Johnson's initial reaction to Covid was precisely that it was "nature's way of dealing with old people".

Then there was the mysterious disappearance of the flu - you remember that old chestnut, the world's favourite bunk-off school before the invention of Greta Thunberg? Remarkably, not a single case of influenza was detected by Public Health England during 2021, although experts did say the decline in infections could be used as justification for the continued use of hand sanitisers and masks post-pandemic - how convenient!

But of course, the most obvious indication that something was amiss, was the behaviour of those in-charge: the politicians and world leaders who had access to all the information, and nonetheless spent their time breaking lockdown, failing to keep their genitals a socially distanced 6-feet (or even 6 inches) apart, bringing their own booze to 'work events', and whipping their masks off the minute the cameras stopped rolling. In other words, those with the most to live for knew (or at the very least acted as if they knew) that they were in no danger from Covid whatsoever.

Clearly, the lies were insufficient to keep us in check, so we needed to be punished and vilified into compliance - or in Matt Hancock's language, have 'the pants frightened off us'. And so we were. The good guys were the public sector workers, Netflix binge-wanking their way through £400 Billions' worth of furlough payments. The bad guys were those avaricious bastards in the private sector - charged not only with paying for everything as usual, but this time with an unusual twist - having to do so while denied the right to actually work.

At first, anti-vaxxers were merely 'selfish. Then we were upgraded to 'dangerous'. Finally of course, there was no option but to accuse us of 'murder'. Guilt-tripped, threatened, fined then forced into taking the jab - the ultimate Hobson's choice. It wasn't the lunatic fringe either, but the mainstream. Andrew Neil of all people openly declared: 'It's time to punish Britain's five million vaccine refuseniks'. I wonder how Neil feels now that those 'fearful', 'ignorant', 'irresponsible' and 'stupid' refuseniks have been proved right.

Being right is a dangerous game, almost as dangerous as questioning authority. But the bile accorded anyone who dared 'question the science' was incredibly illogical - not just because all of us have undergone a cocktail of vaccinations before we can walk, but more to the point - why would anyone deliberately endanger their health as a fashion statement? Questioning the science was not permitted under any circumstances, even when the science didn't add up; even for those whose job is 'questioning the science'.

Again, the alarm bells should have been ringing here: the very foundation upon which science rests is to question itself - and for damn good reason. A century ago, Heroin was being marketed as a cough syrup; in the 1950's, thalidomide was tragically used to treat nausea in pregnant women. Science, by definition, has been wrong before and will be wrong in future.

But for genuine believers, this should not have been an issue. Yet again, the lie was amateur: if the vaccines really worked, why would you care about people you despise refusing to take them? Alas they did not work; losing their '100% efficacy' faster than a 40-year-old OnlyFans model.

Perhaps the most macabre aspect of the Covid scam, was the plain stupidity employed to justify the rise of 'sudden death syndrome', once it became clear the vaccinated were dropping like flies. Heart attacks in 20-year-old athletes used to be a rare occurrence, but not now - virtually anything can trigger a touch of myocarditis. So if you were planning on doing any gardening later, watching TV or heaven forfend exercising after your 93rd booster, you'd be well-advised to give it a miss!

The truth about Covid is finally coming out, despite the authorities' best efforts to hide it. Never can there have been less pleasure in saying 'We told you so'. But we did. And now we know. The masks don't work and never did, but the authorities would still prefer you to wear them regardless. If you believe the MHRA (Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency), pregnancies have not been affected. If you want to see the data on that however, you can go whistle. And the social distancing rules? They were made up, just as others had claimed for years.

And the vaccines? Don't fret - there's nothing at all wrong with them. Apart from the fact that the FDA (US Dept of Food and Drug Administration) wants 55 years to accommodate freedom of information requests re vaccine data; alongside Astrazeneca withdrawing its own vaccine, and finally admitting it causes side effects like 'death'. And of course, only idiots like Trump were claiming celebrity doctors were on the take promoting Covid - it's just that celebrity doctors were on the take promoting the vaccines.

With the UK general election just around the corner, it's worth remembering that the politicians begging for your vote are the self-same Tory MP's who spent the entirety of the pandemic either on the piss or taking it. If you think Labour's any better, the only difference is that Starmer wanted to 'frighten the pants off you' so that he could lock you down harder and faster.

The question that really gets me, is when will there be apologies and compensation for those who risked everything to speak out - those like Mark Steyn, who is still having his name dragged through the mud by Ofcom? And more importantly, when will there be genuine consequences for those involved in the ultimate scamdemic?
About the Author:
Frank Haviland is the author of Banalysis: The Lie Destroying the West, and writes a Substack here.