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"Biden is not well. Everyone knows this even those who support him . . .the difference is they don't care and that's the most frightening aspect of this situation."
— Edward Dowd
They're kidding, right? That "Joe Biden" is capable of being president? Not just for another four-year term, but right here and now? This has got to be the most pitiful case of national gaslighting since 218-AD when the Romans installed 14-year-old Heliogabalus to front for their empire. Like "JB," he reigned for four years (before the praetorian guard offed him). The Danish historian of ancient Rome, Barthold Niebuhr, said of him: ". . . [He] had nothing at all to make up for his vices, which are of such a kind that it is too disgusting even to allude to them."

Lately, even the news media has begun to report "Joe Biden's" senile mishaps. On Thursday at an outdoor photo op during the G7 meet-up in Italy, the ol' dawg just wandered off from the assembled pack of world leaders until Italy's PM Giorgia Meloni went and reeled him back in.
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Earlier in the week at a Juneteenth party, they rolled him out on the White House lawn like a cigar-store Indian where he stood utterly frozen while all around him boogalooed and clapped to the music of jubilee.
biden statue
© unknown"US President Biden - Are you there?"
Do you think that folks are starting to notice? Even many mind-fucked Democrat Party regulars who have been just fine with the controlled demolition of our country under this human door-stop of a president are murmuring ominously that the scam has become too obvious. Not Rachel Maddow, though. America's Woke lunatic-in-chief reigning on MSNBC warned this week that the return of Trump would lead to her (and millions of her fans) getting jammed into "concentration camps."

Maybe you've already noticed that Rachel Maddow lives in a concentration camp of-the-mind located inside her own batshit-crazy skull. Dunno about you, but for the first time in a life lived through many decades of purportedly rational post-war Modernity, I've developed a sympathetic view of how come people in earlier eras resorted to burning witches. They are obdurate public nuisances. Their "magic" lately is the ability to provoke a mass formation psychosis, an actual "threat to our democracy" or, more precisely, to our republic. Maddow, the proudly out-front lesbian non-breeder is living proof that renouncing motherhood is a predictor of Cluster-B personality disorder — the condition that defines the "progressive" Wokery of these times.

I'm a little sorry to go all quasi-supernatural with you about this, but we are truly faced with the fact that the devastation in sexual relations and failures of family formation in recent decades has produced a very particular form of anomie in Western Civ's female population — and the dynamic has badly deranged increasingly feminized men, too. Covid-19 was basically a Munchausen-by-proxy event, which ChatGPT describes accordingly:
. . . a psychological disorder wherein a caregiver, typically a parent, exaggerates, fabricates, or induces illness or injury in a person under their care, usually a child. The primary motive is to gain attention, sympathy, or praise from medical professionals and others, rather than any tangible benefit like financial gain."
Actually, ChatGPT was wrong about the financial gain part. There were billions made off Covid by Big Pharma, including hundreds of millions in royalties doled out to public health employees. The government played the role of "mother" in the Covid caper, keeping you (her "children") safe. You've noticed, I'm sure, that claims about safety and safe places have been major themes in Wokery both before and during Covid. Anyway, as usual with Munchausen-by-proxy syndrome, the "children" (i.e., the US population) were injured badly by the "treatment," the mRNA vaccines. And also as usual with mothers displaying Cluster-B personality disorder, the "bad" children who refuted the narrative and refused the specified "treatment" were punished severely. (Cluster-B is sadistic.)

One thing this suggests is that the cabal running things behind the empty suit "Joe Biden" is dominated by women, and my guess would be the women directly associated with Barack Obama: Susan Rice, Lisa Monaco, Kathryn Ruemmler, Sally Yates, Valarie Jarrett, Samantha Power, Avril Haines, Torie Nuland, give-or-take some combo of them, et al. I have alleged for years that the motif driving batshit-crazy, Cluster-B Democratic Party women is that Donald Trump represents Daddy's-in-the-house. In their boundaryless state-of-mind nothing threatens the Cluster-B ladies as much as the imposition of boundaries by a fearsome daddy figure. Daddy = the monster of monsters to them.

Thus, the "Biden" regime's remorseless persecution of Mr. Trump — like the village rabble hunting down Frankenstein with torches and pitchforks — and the fantasies, were he allowed to live, about being sent to concentration camps by the likes of Rachel Maddow. There's nothing like barbed-wire and sentry towers to vividly suggest the imposition of "boundaries" on your behavior.

I have strayed a bit from my initial theme concerning the grotesque game of "pretend" being played around "Joe Biden's" re-election candidacy. Let's say this: it is the terminal op being run by an out-of-control Deep State blob now losing its mojo in big gobs each day as its epic dishonesty gets exposed. This blob had some very potent tools at its command to jerk around the people of this land, especially the legacy news media. Most of that consisted of deception which is to say the tactical application of untruth. The op was tragically effective for some years, but its victims — US citizens — are onto the game now and they are angrily flipping over the game board. Mark this essential fact of life: truth is sturdy and lies are fragile. So, now you know what must, in the end, prevail.

"Joe Biden" is not long for this world as a token in that game. Mere days, I'd say. There is no way that the Democratic Party can afford to put him in a debate arena June 27th with Mr. Trump. Two minutes in, "JB" would be leaking sawdust and stuttering incoherently. The Party would be revealed as a fraud for the ages. And then, by the time you're scarfing down blueberry pie on the Fourth of July, Hillary Clinton (better known here as Rodan the Flying Reptile, or She-Whose-Turn-It-Is) will be flapping her leathery wings on-high in triumph as "JB's" emergency replacement. I am here to save our democracy, caw caw — ! Wait for it! Trouble is, batshit crazy women are exactly what our country is sick of and done with.