the Russian Foreign Ministry's spokeswoman, Maria Zakharova
© Sputnik / Kirill ZykovThe Russian Foreign Ministry's spokeswoman, Maria Zakharova.
The US and EU media landscape is filled with "unsettling aggression" while dissenting opinions are stifled, according to the Foreign Ministry spokeswoman.

Western leaders and media only express their concerns when they feel that their own security might be at stake, turning a blind eye to the suffering caused by their policies, Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova told RT in an interview aired on Saturday.

The West routinely accuses Russia of aggressive actions but refuses to understand that Moscow is only responding to the hostile moves of the US and its allies, she stated.

Zakharova recalled being approached by a group of British journalists worried about Russia potentially deploying its weapons closer to the UK. She was asked to comment on statements by President Vladimir Putin earlier this week that Russia could send weapons to certain regions to be able to strike Kiev's arms suppliers directly if Russian territory is attacked.

According to the spokeswoman, the British journalists' behavior was a prime example of a Western pattern of thinking that ignores uncomfortable facts and only focuses on narrow Western interests.

Western elites and media are not concerned about "the weapons supplied by [their] nations to [Ukraine] and used to kill civilians, children, women and the elderly" and "destroy civilian infrastructure." They only "start to think when they feel discomfort," she said. They have also "lost the ability to feel grief [and the] pain of others," including of those suffering because of Western policies, Zakharova stated.

The media landscape in the US and the EU is currently filled with "unsettling hatred" against anyone not following Washington's and Brussels' narrative, the spokeswoman said. Western news outlets are full of "hate speech" when it comes to "Russia... China or any other nation having an independent view on the current developments in the world," she added.

The EU is particularly dominated by the "strictest possible censorship" and silencing of "any opinions that do not align with the official position of the EU Commission, the EU and NATO and the US that are behind them," according to Zakharova.

The situation can only change when EU citizens "wake up from their slumber," from a state of "hypnosis" they have been put into by US and EU elites and recognize their own national interests. People in the EU need to understand just how much harm has been done to them by US policies, she said.

It was Washington that essentially forced the EU into cutting all ties with Russia, including economic and humanitarian, Zakharova stated.
"Yet another dividing line has been drawn in the middle of Europe. And it was not drawn by the Europeans but was drawn for them," she added.