Brandon and Napoleon
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Joe Biden's attendance of the D-Day memorial in France was a disgrace and one which he will struggle to shrug off when the annals of history are written. Never before has a U.S. president stooped so low to use the event as a stage for his own PR strategy to get re-elected and harp on about Ukraine. Some may believe he plagiarised Reagan's speech almost 40 years earlier, but they miss the point. The D-Day commemorations are all about celebrating peace and learning lessons from history. They are not about celebrating war and calling for more blood on any battlefield, let alone Ukraine's. Interestingly, Ukraine's president was invited to the event, but not the Russian leader which corresponds with a trend now that many geopolitical analysts are noting: how Russia's critical contribution to defeating Nazi Germany is getting airbrushed out of the entire media landscape. Fake news has entered the domain of how such events are reported as we have to assume that Russia defeating Nazism in the West - and in particular in Ukraine in the 1940s - cannot be allowed a media spotlight as some voters in the West might draw the parallel with how Russia even today is continuing the theme.

This time around, though, it is the Nazis in Germany who we in the West are backing. It's pretty complicated. Have pity on the journalists who can even get their heads around it. Most simply chose to navigate around the Nazis in Ukraine altogether as was evident when recently a brigade visited the British parliament and not one national newspaper or TV channel covered the extraordinary event which included a flag, reminiscent of German Nazis, being presented to a proud Boris Johnson in the parliament itself. Remarkable what is possible when you have such control over the press. And even more remarkable how, when you take such control, that one of the perks is that it is not at all considered odd or incongruous when you start believing your own fake news.

A good example would be the U.S.-built floating peer which we were told was to help with aid shipments getting to the Gazans. Turns out that it was actually a military prop which actually was used to assist in the slaughter of even more Gazans. Recently, a daring raid to capture 4 Israeli hostages resulted in the blood bath of both Palestinians and even Israel's own hostages - plus the lives of a number of IDF officers. While most people were contemplating Joe Biden's awkward moment at the D-Day memorial service where he crouched slightly as though passing wind - or even defecating - some Americans were digesting his own disgusting support of the IDF's slaughter in Gaza, with the help of the peer. Biden has lost all confidence he had with this disingenuous stance of reluctantly standing by, while Israel continues with its ethnic cleansing of Gazans. Now, no one in America believes him as his floating peer was a hoax, a media distraction as was his recent peace plan. All brown hot steaming stuff. But as Jill Biden rushes her husband away from the formalities at the D-Day memorial for a swift nappy change, much of the brown stuff has already hit the fan. Biden lost control in the Middle East and the recent beefed-up attacks of IDF installations in Northern Israel and the Golan Heights itself from Hezbollah, not to mention the ruling coalition in Israel being shaken by resignations, has placed him and Netanyahu in a tight spot.

The resignation by a centrist defence minister Benny Gantz does not immediately pose a threat to Netanyahu, as the prime minister still controls a majority coalition in parliament. It does, however, affect the Israeli government's respectability on the international stage as Gantz is well liked in Washington and his calls for an early election may well resonate with Biden giving Netanyahu's imminent visit to Washington a chill factor. Any more pressure on the wobbling coalition or from Biden himself may force Netanyahu to resign as he knows that a snap election - although fashionable right now - won't leave him remaining in office. Perhaps Iran is factoring on this, as the recent bombing of IDF sites by Hezbollah and the torching of the Golan Heights also makes Netanyahu look weak. It's as though Iran is expecting a round of negotiations and is preparing its hand.