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Arrests for outstanding warrants at a West Hollywood Pride Parade, June 3, 2023
"This is why we don't like cops at Pride..."

LGBTQ activist Hunter Lee Darling, 24, also known as Zodiac Rose, was arrested at the WeHo Pride festival on Saturday along with his friend Abby Nicole Thomas, 28, who intervened as police placed Darling into custody. He was charged with robbery, vandalism, and battery for an incident that took place in April.

Footage of the arrest posted on Twitter shows Darling and Thomas claiming that they were being arrested because the West Hollywood police were homophobic. "The Sheriffs were making fun of the booth and the volunteers responded 'This is why we don't like cops at Pride' The sheriffs then attacked them and are filing bogus charges," Twitter user Jordan Davis wrote.

According to a statement by the Los Angeles County Sheriff, Darling had a warrant out for his arrest stemming from a cell phone robbery that allegedly took place during a protest at the West Hollywood library on April 19, 2023.
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"West Hollywood Station later identified the suspect as Hunter Lee Darling. On May 31, 2023, an arrest warrant for Suspect Darling was issued by a judge," continued the statement. "On Saturday, June 3, 2023, deputies saw Suspect Darling during a 'Pride Weekend' event. West Hollywood deputies arrested Suspect Darling and booked him at the West Hollywood Station for robbery, vandalism, and battery."
In regards to Thomas, they said, "A friend of Suspect Darling's, intervened and prevented deputies from completing the arrest. Abby was arrested and booked for interfering and obstructing an arrest."

A video quickly surfaced from a Drag Queen Story hour event at the West Hollywood library on April 15th that appears to show Darling stealing a man's phone and stomping on it.

In a statement, another witness states that the police had plenty of opportunity to arrest Darling. She said the police saw him at the "Pride Assembly" protest that turned violent at Saticoy Elementary School in North Hollywood, California on Friday, and claimed it wasn't until hours into Saturdays event when Darling "asked police to stop making fun of our signs," did the police engage them.

A fight broke out at the Sitcoy Elementary School event on Friday, which the witness claims was attended by Darling. Far-left agitators, including Antifa, showed up to disrupt the civil protest by a group called the Glendale Unified School District Parents' Voices, which gathered to oppose the school district's left-wing LGBTQ curriculum.

Darling has yet to be released, and bail was set to $100,000. Thomas was released Saturday evening, and both are expected to appear in court on June 6.