Corinea Stanhope witch
A nurse was left terrified after claiming to catch "naked witches eating a carcass" in haunting CCTV footage.

Corinea Stanhope found a dead deer at the bottom of her garden in Powell River, Canada, and decided to set up a trail camera to see if it would attract any animals at night.

witch ritual
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The horrifying image greeting the two nature lovers when they checked the trail cam.
But what Corinea found was far more disturbing than anything she thought she would capture.

The 36-year-old claims she could not believe her eyes when her and granddad Bob, 76, reviewed the chilling footage the next day.

The shocked pair say they saw two half naked women appearing to "dine" on the deer's corpse.

Pictures show the pair with long, matted, black hair wearing just a piece of cloth covering their buttocks and standing over the dead deer.

With their hair covering their faces, the figures appear to squat down and reach over to the carcass with long fingers before picking up a hoof and taking a bite.

Corinea says she was left terrified as her house is just a two-minute walk from where the figures were lurking and she keeps her three horses on the same land.

The horrified nurse told the Mirror: "There was a dead deer so me and my grandpa put up a trail camera to see if we could see animals and we got a bobcat [on camera], which was pretty cool.

"I came the next day and grandpa said he'd got naked people on the camera and I said 'no you didn't. Bullsh*t' so he showed me.

"I don't know what the heck was up with that. It really freaked us out, it's not something you see every day.

"They came ten minutes after sunset. They looked dishevelled. It looks like they have wigs on. One looks like she has blonde hair underneath.

"You can't really tell from the photos but the hoof was brought right up to her mouth.

"I don't know if she was kissing it, smelling or eating it but to touch a decaying carcass like that makes me feel sick. The amount of bacteria that must have been on there.

"It really creeped me out because it's only a two-minute walk from our house and I was concerned about them messing with my horses at night."


The mum-of-three shared the images on social media and locals were convinced that she'd caught witches, evil spirits, demons or a local cult performing a ritual on camera.

Corinea said: "There's rumours around town about a cult that collects animal bones. I don't know if it's real or not.

"Some people have mentioned it since I posted the photos. A friend said they came across two people in the woods carrying some dead squirrels.

"The horses always get really spooked and unnerved around that area. I thought they imagined stuff at first so I didn't think anything of it. Maybe I believe them now."

Corinea says she considered calling the cops but Bob pointed out that they weren't doing anything illegal and she hopes that some passersby spotted the camera and decided to play a prank.

The nature lover said: "I'm hoping they went for a walk in the day, saw the trail cam was set up and wanted to have a bit of fun with us or they're on some good drugs.

"I wanted to go to the police but my grandpa said no, they weren't doing anything illegal technically. He was pretty mortified."


Despite Corinea attempting to explain the freaky images as a possible prank, social media users warned her to be careful.

One wrote: "This is actually terrifying."

While another said: "That's a skin walker, they look 'human' so you come up to them and once you do you're gone.

"No one would just randomly eat a dead thing unless it was a wild animal.

"That's basically a walking demon from hell. If you hear screaming stay inside and get a gun you leave it alone."
witch ritual
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The 'witch' chews what appears to be a part of the deer.
witch ritual
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The 'witches' standing over the carcass.