The water spout near Foxton.
© Katrina Fleming
The waterspout near Foxton.
A Foxton woman got a surprise with her morning coffee when two waterspouts started forming over the ocean near her home.

Katrina Fleming and her six-year-old daughter Karuna were home in Foxton this morning when the unique weather system began forming over the sea.

"I was just making coffee in the kitchen and I looked up and I could see them starting to come kept disappearing and coming back but the second one just got stronger," she told the Herald.

Her daughter Karuna said it was the first water spout she had ever seen - and it was "pretty cool, but also quite freaky".

Fleming had seen water spouts before but agreed the two this morning were "a little freaky.

"You could see all the water coming up from the ocean and how high it was - but it was cool watching the two of them move around each other like a little dance."

Waterspouts are similar to tornados but occur over water. The spinning vortex of air forms over the water and then suck upwards.

They are associated with turbulent conditions like thunderstorms but can occur in fine weather too.