Therapeutic Goods Administration 1
Today, the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) announced that it has granted approval for full registration of Moderna's Covid vaccine, SPIKEVAX. This is the first Covid vaccine in Australia to receive full registration - the others remain provisionally approved.1

From the TGA media release,
"As with all medicines, the TGA's assessment was rigorous, independent and based on evidence. The safety and efficacy of SPIKEVAX is also supported by real-world use in millions of people worldwide, providing reassurance about the safety of these vaccines. Vaccination remains the most effective way to protect yourself from serious disease, hospitalisation and death."
This is the product that currently has 7, 442 reported adverse events in DAEN (Australia's VAERS or Yellow Card database). 36 of these entries are reported deaths.

Therapeutic Goods Administration 2

This is also the product that, on independent reanalysis of its own trial data, was revealed to have a serious adverse event rate of 15 per 10,000 doses.

Therapeutic Goods Administration 3
The same one that has been phased out of use in the US.

Therapeutic Goods Administration 4
And we have, 'Moderna hid serious side effects suffered by its Covid vaccine recipients when it reported clinical trial results for the shot'.

Achieving full registration status for their first ever commercial product bodes well for Moderna. In 2022, Moderna finalised a partnership with the Australian (federal) and Victorian (state) Governments to establish an mRNA vaccine production facility in Melbourne.

Therapeutic Goods Administration 5
In the future, Australians can expect mRNA vaccines to be available for all manner of ills. From Moderna's announcement of the Australia-Victoria partnership,
"Moderna's mRNA pipeline includes 28 vaccine candidates, including vaccines against respiratory viruses, vaccines against latent viruses, and vaccines against threats to global public health."
Once operational, the Melbourne facility will be able to produce up to 100 million vaccine doses every year. That's enough for roughly four doses of vaccine per Australian, annually.

The Queensland (QLD) Government is also in on the mRNA action. In December 2022, Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk announced a partnership with vaccine makers Sanofi to establish a 'global vaccine hub' in Brisbane. In 2021, Sanofi announced its manufacturing partnership with Moderna to produce Covid vaccines.

Therapeutic Goods Administration 6
According to QLD Gov, the biomedical industry contributes around $2.1 billion in gross value-added product and employs more than 12,000 people across the state.

With a Covid vaccine injury class action heading to the courts in Australia, and a 'tsunami' of vaccine injury media coverage in Germany highlighting the downside of the current mRNA vaccines, it's hard to see the public maintaining enthusiasm for such allocation of their tax dollars into the medium term.
1 AstraZeneca is no longer available in Australia, but it has not officially been withdrawn. When I asked the TGA why the AZ was no longer available, they said that the stock had expired, but that provisional approval remained in place. It was AZ that decided not to proceed with the product in Australia. I presume this was the best way for both parties to save face after the AZ was formally confirmed to have killed 13 Australians and grossly injured many more. AZ did not respond to requests for comment.