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I don't know where to start. People like me and others have warned that this was going to happen, and sadly we were correct in our predictions.

This is a horrible, horrible story. Yet it is not anywhere near as big of a story in the mainstream media as it should be.

In 2022, Britain had the HIGHEST number of excess deaths since 1951 if you exclude the covid pandemic years of 2020 and 2021.

There was a whopping 50,000 excess deaths in the country for the whole year.

Remember when they told you to wear a mask and lock yourself inside for two years to save grandma? Remember how they had covid death trackers constantly on the TV to scare people into compliance?

But now when people are dying in massive numbers, they are more or less completely ignoring it.

Makeshift morgues.

Things are so bad that they are having to store bodies in makeshift morgues set up in car parks and business parks as hospitals are overflowing with all the dead bodies.

We saw similar stories in Norway, with funeral homes seeing 30% more dead people than normal, and they had to store bodies in extra space reserved only for crisis emergencies.

Surprisingly, the BBC did write a short article on it! But their reporting is laughable. They seem to try and blame this on "the crisis in healthcare". So why would other countries all over Europe (who just happened to take the certain thing...) also be having sky high excess mortality?

And get this, the BBC also tries to explain that the increase in heart problems could be related to getting covid! And of course, they say that there is "no evidence of vaccine effect". Obviously, very important to point out that the mRNA shots have nothing to do with this. Nothing to see here.

The data.

I touched upon this in my previous article, but let's look at it again. Some people might say the excess deaths is because of covid, but that is not the case at all. In week 51, there was 2,493 excess deaths in England and Wales, with only 429 of those involving covid. This is a whopping 20.7% higher than normal.

In other words, there was over 2000 non-covid related excess deaths in just 1 week alone.

Look at this graph here showing the rate of excess deaths. The blue lines are with covid, and the green lines are without covid. As you can see, the non-covid excess deaths has been increasing in 2022, with the worst week in December.
green chart
This is not just happening in Britain, it is happening all over Europe in the countries that were heavily vaccinated with the mRNA shots.

Take a look at this map showing excess mortality in Europe for week 51 of 2022.
map week 51
This map doesn't show the number of excess deaths for many Eastern European countries, but I did find some data on it anyway. It turns out that in October 2022, the countries with the lowest excess deaths were Romania, Bulgaria, Slovakia and Sweden.

I wonder what Romania, Bulgaria and Slovakia has in common...
Oh, that's right. They have very low mRNA vaccination rates compared with Western European countries like Germany and Britain that have for some reason been seeing extremely high excess death rates.

In October, Romania had a -7% excess death rate. In other words, less deaths than normal. Meanwhile, highly vaccinated Britain had an excess death rate of over 20% in week 51 of December.

Sweden is interesting, they have high vaccination rates. But, they also didn't have much of lockdown restrictions which I would guess has helped a lot. Sweden is the main outlier of excess deaths among highly mRNA vaccinated countries.

What is killing people?

I have written numerous articles in this earlier. It turns out that there is a certain health problem that has been seeing a massive increase in the number of deaths. Since the pandemic began, there has been over 30 000 heart related excess deaths in Britain.

For the month of May in 2022, deaths from abnormal heart rhythm were a whopping 39% higher than normal in Britain.

If only there was something that has happened lately that could be the explanation for this. I did some research on this earlier and found SMOKING GUN evidence showing that SUDDEN DEATHS from myocarditis was linked to a certain thing that has been almost forcibly pushed on the population...

British politician Andrew Bridgen also warned that there had been a massive cover up of heart related side effects of the mRNA shots, with information from a whistleblower. Guess what happened to him for exposing this? He was kicked out of the so called Conservative party.

We know now that the mRNA shots have been a massive failure, as we are seeing a pandemic of the vaccinated. As I showed in the data from Australia, the more doses you have had, the higher your chance of being hospitalized with covid.

So they don't protect against covid, but we are also seeing insane levels of excess deaths happening.

Somebody needs to speak up for these people, which is why I am writing this article.