Libs of TikTok, Twitter Files, Twitter backend
After volume two of the Twitter files was released on Thursday night, Twitter users began to point out something inside of the photos that suggest that Twitter staff may have full access to private messages.

Journalist Bari Weiss dropped "part 2" of the bombshell "Twitter Files" that exposed the corruption that ran deep within Twitter under the former management. But after close examination, there appear to be even worse things at play in the Twitter Files series...

The photo was posted on Twitter at 7:36, just after the initial launch. The photo itself revealing the potential breach of privacy was found in the 16th tweet Weiss posted in the series, which contained damning evidence of the tech-giants ethics through the years.

Check out the photo in the tweet below. Note the circled message highlighted where Twitter may or may not have had access to the private messages of users: