invitation only drag show underage students
© P.U.L.S.E.
It's bad enough that drag performances for "families" are popping up all over the country with adults performing for children but a New Jersey High School has taken it to the next level - underage students performing in drag for adults.

On October 27th, Hunterdon Central Regional High School in Flemington, NJ did just that. Student club P.U.L.S.E. (People Understanding Love Serves Everyone) led by faculty advisor Heather Baldwin, held a student-performed drag show on school property in secret.

The event was brought to the community's attention three days later when an email was leaked to The New Jersey Project, an organization that advocates for parents' rights in public schools, which wrote about the event on its blog, Chaos and Control.

The email was sent from Heather Baldwin inviting select "staff" to attend an "invite-only" drag show performed by the students of the P.U.L.S.E Club. Although not all faculty were invited, nor were parents, or fellow students, the club did manage to have a professional drag performer at the event as well.

The students were taken out of class to prepare for the secret show where, according to one witness, "a teacher stood watch outside the door to the theatre while the show was going on to ensure those not invited would not enter."

Last Monday, the Flemington Board of Education held a meeting, with public comment, which heavily focused on the student drag show. Parents, staff, and residents took to the podium to express their concerns about the sexualization of children in the form of school-sponsored drag performances while others commended the board on what they described as a beautiful activity.

Here's a highlight reel of various individuals expressing frustration at the drag show in school:

The school psychologist also spoke and explained to the board that drag shows bring tremendous value to students.

School events should never be hidden from parents especially an event such as having minors cross-dress and perform for adults.

The school did not respond to Libs of TikTok's request for comment.