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The statement, which provided a detailed explanation of several elements of the recent riots in Iran, was released on Friday by the Iranian Intelligence Ministry and the Islamic Revolution Guards Corps (IRGC) Intelligence Organization.

"Numerous examples and undeniable references of the all-out role of the terrorist American regime in engineering, implementing, and maintaining" the unrest are being revealed by more than a year of "continuous and precise" intelligence monitoring coupled with documents that have been acquired during the most recent unrest, the statement said.

The statement further elaborated on the issue by offering facts on three categories "before the unrest," "during the unrest" and "after the unrest."

Before the release of official investigations into the "painful" death of Mahsa Amini, the American regime took advantage of the event to begin a "pre-planned" scheme, according to the statement.

This is despite the fact that the U.S. history is replete with obviously ignoring open horrible crimes such as the dismembering of the Washington Post journalist Jamal Khashoggi by the "primitive" Saudi regime or the "deliberate" killing of Al Jazeera journalist Shireen Abu Akeleh by the Israeli regime.

The statement added:
"Intelligence evidence shows that the CIA had devised an extensive plan with the cooperation of allied spy services and reactionary proxies before the start of the unrest to initiate a nationwide chaos with the aim of committing crimes against the great Iranian nation and the country's territorial integrity as well as paving the ground for increasing foreign pressures."
The statement asserted that, in accordance with the facts at hand, "the CIA performed the key role" while closely collaborating with the intelligence agencies of the UK, the Israeli regime, and Saudi Arabia.

The statement continued by mentioning some of the actions taken by the aforementioned agencies to prepare for the unrest, such as holding purported human rights conferences and suggesting that the Iranian government was ineffective.

The statement added the individuals who took and published the first image of Mahsa Amini at the hospital as well as the person who provoked Mahsa Amini's family by posting specific photos had received special training in such courses. The statement also noted that the aforementioned spy agencies organized camps in a number of countries to train people on hybrid and soft war.

The intelligence agencies also said adversaries devised and carried out a "global media war" against Iran via social media and TV networks.

For example, Twitter and Instagram disregarded their own policies to facilitate the spread of "false news" more widely, the statement highlighted.

The statement gave other instances, stating that between September 11 and October 12, Twitter authorized 50,000 new bogus accounts for users of the Persian language while simultaneously eliminating its own limitations, such as the time limits between posts.

However, the adversaries "failed to reach none [any] of their pre-planned purposes," the statement said, adding that their "project of destroying Iran has experienced a humiliating setback," despite all efforts.

Riots broke out after 22-year-old Mahsa Amini died unexpectedly in the hospital on September 16 despite receiving intense medical attention after fainting at a police station three days earlier. According to an official report by Iran's Forensic Medicine Organization, Amini's contentious demise was brought on by a disease as opposed to reported blows to the brain or other important body parts.

The riots claimed scores of people's lives, including security personnel and innocent citizens, as certain groups diverted the rallies to attack the security apparatus. In hostile moves, some Western countries have been supporting and provoking riots to keep unrest alive in Iran.