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Border wall construction
The public has had it with the border chaos caused by President Joe Biden's policies and "overwhelmingly" want a coast-to-coast wall built as former President Donald Trump once promised and delivered 458 miles on.

In a new I&I/TIPP poll, voters decried the surge past 2 million illegal immigrants crossing into the United States this year and said they believe Republicans would handle the problem better. But they also said that the administration should stop blocking construction of a wall and get back to finishing it.

"By 57% to 33%, Americans overwhelmingly support building a wall," said the poll analysis shared with Secrets on Monday.

"Among Republican voters, support is very strong, with 85% favoring and just 11% opposing. Independents support it: 47% to 37%. Even Democrats show surprisingly strong support for building a wall: While 48% oppose it, 45% support it," said the analysis.

The pollster cited several reasons for the growing support, noting the string of problems along the border, including increased illegal crossings and the surge in crime. Just over the weekend, Texas police arrested over 700 illegal immigrants and seized drugs along the border.