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Or are they?
After almost 30 years as a bullhorn against the US establishment and 'globalist' imperial class, is Alex Jones finished? The $45 million in damages awarded to Sandy Hook parents is the end of the line for Alex Jones' Infowars - at least, you'd be forgiven for assuming that based on media coverage of his recent defeat in court.

Look a little closer though, and it seems very unlikely that Jones or his company will have to pay anything close to that. In any event, the purpose of this bizarre showtrial is clear: to deter others from criticizing, much less challenging, government edicts. Don't get us wrong: Jones defamed those parents when he accused them of being 'crisis actors', but that doesn't make the unanswered questions about such atrocities go away.

In the second hour of this NewsReal, Joe and Niall take in the latest US imperial 'theatrics' abroad, including Biden's 'taking out' of 'the leader of al Qaeda in Afghanistan' and Pelosi's posturing in Taiwan, and note the complete dominance of Trump-allied or 'Trumpian' candidates in ongoing Republican Party primary elections. They keep trying to stamp it out, but the populist wave keeps growing and growing...

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