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Florida and Pennsylvania officials have floated busing migrants to Delaware.

District of Columbia Mayor Muriel Bowser is being criticized as a "Not-in-my-backyard" hypocrite for complaining about the influx of asylum seekers utilizing homeless shelters and other city services, months after Texas began busing migrants to the place they say caused the overall crisis.

Bowser called the migrant issue "significant" and said she is urging a coordinated federal response, further claiming migrants are being "tricked" into boarding buses to Washington.

Earlier this year, video circulated of buses arriving from Texas and debarking passengers off Massachusetts Avenue near Capitol Hill.

Fox News host Pete Hegseth said it is ironic for Bowser to call for a coordinated response from the Biden administration, when that is what Republicans have been calling for since he took office and chipped away at Donald Trump's border security policies:

"I've been wanting Greg Abbott to declare an invasion which gives constitutionally the state of Texas additional powers. And I downplayed what he was doing on busing illegals to D.C.; I think I was wrong on that," he said.

"They're not being tricked. They're being asked. They're volunteering to go to Washington, D.C. as a result. Now they're flooded in swamp. And she's admitting what we always knew about big city leftist elitists," Hegseth added, saying the admission is that the "elite" class wants the rest of America to suffer under their policy decisions, "as long as they're in someone elses backyard, not ours."

Hegseth wondered aloud whether Bowser now understands the real plight of officials in New Mexico, Texas and Arizona where migrants have been illegally entering from Mexico en masse for years.

"It's one of the best examples we've seen yet of the complete double standard they live in. She just she said it on TV for us," he said.

Former Trump Treasury Assistant Secretary Monica Crowley echoed Hegseth, adding Texas Gov. Greg Abbott is not alone in trying to redirect illegal migrants to places where President Biden and the elite class will feel the repercussions of their policy actions.

She pointed to Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis, who has openly considered busing illegal immigrants to Delaware after "ghost flights" were landing in Jacksonville and dispersing migrants statewide.

Officials in other states are floating similar measures including Pennsylvania's Republican gubernatorial nominee, State Sen. Doug Mastriano, who touted a proposal that would levy international monetary remittances made by illegal immigrants and divert the revenue to lower property taxes.

"It's a great way to deter illegal immigration and we can put that new revenue towards tax breaks for legal citizens," Mastriano, R-Franklin, told Fox News.

Fellow Pennsylvania State Sen. Mario Scavello drafted a plan he said was inspired by DeSantis to relocate migrants flown into the president's hometown of Scranton to the president's current hometown of Wilmington and vicinity.

If the ghost flights are "good enough for Pennsylvania, then why not redirect the relocation to Delaware?" Scavello, R-Monroe, said in January.