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Eighth grade students at Hendersonville Middle School in North Carolina were given an assignment which required them to take steps forward or backward in response to a series of statements about their personal "opportunities and disadvantages."

Here's the worksheet:

worksheet libtard
libtard woksheet 2
One enraged mom took to Facebook with this post, pointing out the obvious embarrassment some students suffered.

libtard worksheet 4
Vance McCraw, who is running for School Board in the district on a ticket of parental rights and curriculum transparency, weighed in:
libtard worksheet 7
McCraw told Libs of TikTok that the school apologized, but he was not aware of any disciplinary action taken against the teacher.

This same school came under fire last December when they advertised a parent night for only black families. The event was reportedly canceled after backlash.

The school and principal have not responded to our numerous requests for comment.