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Biden speaks about inflation
When faced with irrefutable evidence of failing policies and crumbling political fortunes, politically rational presidents undertake a course correction. They reverse unpopular policies and adopt more productive ones, even if only out of self-interest.

President Biden and the Democrats, however, are pointedly ignoring the laws of political rationality. They stubbornly cling to their disastrous agenda, even as it damages the country and collapses their own poll numbers. They're acutely aware of the harm they're inflicting, but instead of rushing to mitigate it, they're doubling down.

In their relentless pursuit of a more Marxist America, they have abandoned the pretense of serving — or even caring about the rest of us.

Left's total war

Struggling to pay for groceries? Thank Biden and the Democrats, who created and exacerbated the worst inflation in 40 years by spending trillions of dollars on their endless leftist wish list. Inflation most affects those whom the Democrats profess to champion — the middle class, working class and poor. But the left's answer to their hardship is ever-more spending — and more crushing inflation. Let them eat cake — who cares if they can't afford it!
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US Secretary of Energy Jennifer M. Granholm
They're also dead set on achieving their ruinous Green New Deal, as they know that control over the energy sector is key to accelerating socialism. They're waging total war on American domestic energy production, sending gas prices soaring and Americans into an economic tailspin. The United States has more energy resources than any other nation, yet Biden would rather beg our worst enemies for oil and gas than tap our own.

Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm repeatedly has laughed when asked about increasing oil production. And just this week, Interior Secretary Deb Haaland refused to acknowledge that gas prices were "too high," because they want ever-higher prices to make it prohibitively painful for you to keep driving your fossil-fuel-consuming car.

gas and food
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New Jersey gas prices - less than some states!
Inflation highest in 40 years!
Squeezed in the vise of skyrocketing prices and a drop in real wages, Americans are struggling to make ends meet, but the Democrats don't care. In fact, they cheer on escalating economic desperation as a way to drive more people into the waiting embrace of government dependency.

They keep the southern border wide open, even though unchecked illegal immigration depresses wages and puts pressure on our economic, educational and health-care systems.

Particularly diabolical is the left's war on kids. If everything is done "for the children" — as Democrats always say — why are they so intent on harming them? The Biden administration blocks charter schools, which offer kids — particularly minority children — a better education and brighter future. And by enforcing masks on the youngest students in defiance of the science, Democrats put their corrupt gravy train with teachers unions over your kids' well-being.

If they cared about you, the country or even their own political survival, Biden and the Democrats would have deep-sixed their radical agenda by now. Instead, they've doubled down on it.

Your pain is their gain as they work ceaselessly to turn our republic into an increasingly authoritarian regime — with them on top and in control, of course.
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Monica Crowley is the host of the Monica Crowley Podcast.