M6.1 earthquake Macquarie Island region
According to preliminary estimates, the earthquake occurred at a depth of 10 kilometers, and the epicenter was located a long way off the coast. So far, there are no reports of injuries or property damage.

A powerful 6.2-magnitude earthquake struck in the vicinity of Macquarie Island in the South West Pacific Ocean on Thursday night, the US Geological Survey reported.

As of now, there was no indication of a tsunami threat in the area.

According to Australian government agency Geoscience Australia, the depth of one of the tremors was recorded at 1 kilometer.

Uninhabited Macquarie Island is part of Australia and is located between New Zealand and Antarctica in the southwestern Pacific Ocean. Since 1900, it has been a part of Oceania and governed by Tasmania, Australia.

Although the island has had no permanent residents since 1948, the Australian Antarctic Division has a permanent facility on the isthmus in the north. The number of people living in the base fluctuates between 20 and 40 throughout the year.