Many of the birds have been found in a bad condition
© St Cyrus Nature Reserve
Many of the birds have been found in a bad condition
Dozens of starved birds have been found dead on a Scots beach.

Last weekend the bodies of 56 dead guillemots, two razorbills and three gannets littered St Cyrus beach in Aberdeenshire with several more emaciated birds given over to the Scottish SPCA.

Bosses at the St Cyrus nature reserve have been left baffled by the huge numbers of bodies washing up with the tide- as the animals should now be further out to sea given the time of the year.

They added that a probe would be conducted to rule out anything 'more sinister'.

Hundreds of dead birds have been reported up and down the length of the country.

A statement from the reserve reads: "It's so sad to see so many dead birds and several thin birds have gone off to the SSPCA centre at Fishcross to be fed and will be later released when at a good weight.

"The SSPCA officer said they have had hundreds called in.

"Last weekend 56 dead Guillemots, 2 Razorbill and 3 Gannets were found on the beach. Large mortality events are fairly common at this time of year as many of this year's chicks just don't make it, many starve.

"As we have large numbers of Auks close inshore at the moment any dead birds are being washed in on the tide.

"I would have expected them to have moved further out to sea by now, thus any fatalities would not be found.

"Why are they so close to shore still, fish may have come close inshore hence the birds following? Are suitable fish not available? Weather events further North? I'm not sure anyone knows.

"Mackerel are still being caught close to shore and sprats are being seen as far as I know."

It added: "Weather events have a big effect on the birds movements and survival, despite the weather being fairly settled here many of these birds may not be local, perhaps from colonies further North where weather conditions may not have been so fair.

"Prolonged agitated seas make it really hard for the birds to hunt and feed.

"This event extends widely along the East coast and not just St Cyrus unfortunately.

"I'm sure the relevant organisations will be looking at this event to figure out the reasons and rule anything more sinister out.

"In the meantime please report any dead birds to us but do not touch them."