An 18-month-old child was killed by the family dog [stock photo]
An 18-month-old child was killed by the family dog [stock photo]
An 19-month-old child was killed in New York by the family dog, while his father was at work.

The attack happened in Flatbush, Brooklyn, at around 10.45pm EST (3.45am BST). According to New York Daily News, the boy had been left at home while his father went to work.

He was being watched over by two older brothers, aged 11 and nine.

Whilst the father was out the family's rottweiler launched a brutal assault in the ground floor apartment.

After the dog attacked the child, his siblings ran out into the street to seek help.

They managed to flag down a passing car, with an occupant then rescuing the toddler from the apartment.

Police arrived on the scene and found the baby "bleeding heavily", with bite marks on his neck and shoulders.

He later died at Maimonides Hospital, around a 15-minute drive from the apartment.

The boys' parents were interrogated by police, seeking to determine whether any laws had been broken.

Police sources told the New York Post no arrests had been made, as of Wednesday morning.

The rottweiler which launched the attack was taken away by Animal Care and Control.

Officers were reportedly informed by the 11-year-old boy that he'd previously been attacked by the dog.