Raging currents of flood swept away the roof of a shop at Surat Thani province. Due to heavy rain, water from the Nuea Khlong waterfall flowed down the mountain yesterday, flooding some houses in Wiang Sa District.

Southern parts of Thailand get by far the most rain, with around 2,400 millimeters every year, compared with the central and northern regions of Thailand. The national weather service for Surat Thani reported yesterday to be the wettest day in the coming week with around 7.90mm or 0.3 inches of rainfall.

According to Local Thai media, residents and people on social media have expressed their worries about the people who were impacted by the disaster. Residents who lived around the Nuea Khlong waterfall were warned to be safe and avoid going into the strong current. Locals in the area whose house was fully flooded posted a video warning other people in the same region to be prepared and cautious as the water had become muddy red, causing even more severe turbulent currents.

Other villagers had written on Facebook yesterday, claiming that water had flooded into their home while they were asleep.

Officials had already issued a warning yesterday about heavy rain before the wild water flowed from the hill. The water current had become very strong during the evening, as seen from the bridge in the Wat Ban Song area.

Surat Thani weather station also warns that tomorrow will be one of the windiest days as wind will reach 17mph or 27kmph at around 4 pm.

Source: Channel 7 News