Colorado tornado
© Twitter / Bree Sunshine Smith @NC5_BreeSmith
A huge tornado was spotted as it passed through northern Colorado, with bystanders capturing the funnel in dramatic footage circulating online. The inclement weather caught local meteorologists by surprise, but caused no deaths.

The twister touched down near the towns of Platteville and Firestone, both located in Weld County, on Monday evening, moving northeast for several miles before dissipating some 25 minutes later, meteorologist David Barjenbruch told the Denver Post.

Videos of the tornado have made the rounds on social media, showing a dark-brown funnel making its way along the landscape from menacing storm clouds above.

The storm brought down a number of power lines, which led to at least one home catching fire, according to a local CBS affiliate. Though reports of damage and injuries are still coming in, the Denver National Weather Service said there had been no deaths as of Monday night - among humans, that is, as two livestock animals were reportedly killed.

Two residents driving into Firestone as the twister touched down, Kelsey and Cameron Gransee, said they witnessed the path of destruction left in the tornado's wake. "We saw the damage. We saw the debris field. There were trees down, a house on fire; pretty sad," Kelsey told local media.

Hail and lightning accompanied the twister, while the towns of Milliken, Mead and Gilcrest also saw strong storms, some issuing tornado warnings.

While Barjenbruch told the Post that local meteorologists weren't expecting a tornado on Monday, he added "it is Colorado, and you can never rule anything out."