The Arctic invasion that recently swept the United States was truly historic, and the record books prove it.

According to warm-mongers NOAA - who willfully ignore the Urban Heat Island (UHI) effect - the month of February, 2021 has so far (to the 20th) seen 9,075 daily cold-minimum and cold-maximum temperature records fall across the United States vs just the 982 for warmth.

Of these, 693 also qualified as new monthly record lows.

And of these, a staggering 198 were also new all-time never-before-witnessed benchmarks - often in record books dating back 150+ years.

NOAA said the "cold snap" peaked between Feb. 14-16, during which time approximately 30% of available U.S. sites set cold-maximum records, and about 20% set cold-minimum records:

The severity of the polar cold was extreme, unexpected, and ill-prepared for - the western world has been instructed to brace for catastrophic warming for going on 4 decades now:

Anyone that tells you extreme cold is part of AGW is a mindless parroting fool, and history has already proved them so — it's their humility that needs to yield.

Looking ahead, another mass of Arctic air looks to be building early-March:


GFS 2m Temp Anomalies Mar. 2 [].

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