White House
© Xinhua/Liu JiePhoto taken on Dec. 4, 2020 shows the National Christmas Tree and the White House in Washington, D.C., the United States.
The United States should stop the erroneous practice of politicizing economic and trade issues and stretching national security concepts to suppress foreign businesses, a Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesperson said on Monday.

Spokesperson Wang Wenbin made the remarks at a press briefing after Nasdaq said last week it would remove shares of four Chinese companies from indexes it maintains in response to a U.S. government order restricting purchases of these shares.

China's capital market enjoys improved openness day by day, making it easier for international investors to choose and buy stocks of Chinese enterprises. Being excluded from some indexes will not impair these enterprises' ability to attract and receive investment from international investors, Wang said.

Wang stressed that China opposes the wanton suppression of Chinese companies by the United States. What the United States has done gravely violates market competition principles and international trade rules it always claims to champion, and will eventually damage investors' interests, as well as the U.S. national interest and image.

"The Chinese government will continue to firmly safeguard Chinese companies' legitimate rights and interests," he added.