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We heard last week that the President issued an Executive Order concerning Christmas Eve but there was another Executive Order concerning the Military that he also sneaked through.

President Trump's Executive Orders (EOs) have been in the news lately. One EO relates to foreign interference in the elections which was renewed in September after being first issued in September 2018. This EO mandates that the DNI - currently John Ratcliffe - produce a report on foreign intervention in the 2020 election within 45 days of the election. This equates to December 18.

Another EO issued by President Trump related to Christmas Eve. This year the President is giving all US government employees Christmas Eve off as a holiday. This holiday went to all employees of the government except those related to "National Security, Defense or other public need." This also makes the holiday weekend a four-day weekend instead of three.

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Another EO that was signed a couple of days ago on the 10th related to succession of the military. This EO lists the order of succession of the military should the Secretary of Defense die, resign or be unable to perform his duties. The one notable in this EO is that the Chairman of the Joint Chief of Staffs, General Mark Milley, is not on the list.

(One expert notes the following: Combatant commanders report to the Secretary of Defense. If the Secretary of Defense is indisposed, then another civilian would take his/her place. The Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff's role is to be the senior military advisor, not in the command chain. The Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff is the principal military advisor to POTUS.)

We are unable to determine the changes necessary for the EO other than to provide a more lengthy list to implement during emergencies.
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There sure is a lot going on that Big Media isn't telling us about.