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Libtard media syncophant Don Lemon
Twitter users have hounded over a post penned by CNN host Don Lemon, in which the well-paid #Resistance idol relayed how frightening the past four years have been for journalism, and more specifically, himself.

Lemon explained to Twitter "how difficult it's been as a journalist to cover this dark part of our history," adding that he hoped "attacks on journalism" would end under a presumed Biden administration. "Time to move into the light."

Lemon, who has an estimated net worth of $10 million and bought a $3.1 million home in the Hamptons in 2016, is one of countless talking heads whose popularity skyrocketed during Donald Trump's time in office.

Although Trump often accused CNN of peddling "fake news," the network, alongside countless other outlets, was able to captivate Americans with their nearly weekly "bombshell" stories about the president - and never seemed to face the consequences when their explosive allegations failed to pan out. The irony of Lemon's pronouncement was not lost on many Twitter users.

"The lack of self-awareness is breathtaking," noted one observer.

A similarly unsympathetic commenter opined that "journalists" such as Lemon were nothing more than "bloviating, partisan wind bags" who brought disgrace to their profession.

Conservative provocateur Michael Malice noted that just a week ago, Lemon had bragged about cutting all ties with his Trump-supporting acquaintances, suggesting it was more difficult to be a supporter of the president than a well-paid television personality who claims to be a victim.

Still, some were receptive to Lemon's message. One Twitter user thanked the CNN host for "standing up against fascism," while another praised Lemon for keeping people "grounded."