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Ghislaine Maxwell, once a glittering socialite and a close associate of disgraced financier Jeffery Epstein, was arrested in July in relation to her alleged participation in sexual abuse and sex trafficking of minors. Several new victims of the couple's self-made "massage parlour" have come forward since then.

A New York woman claims that Epstein's companion Ghislaine Maxwell was the "real monster" behind the financier's sex trafficking ring, who once brutally gagged and raped her, the accuser told The Sun in an interview.
"I just don't think Epstein was the monster behind it more than it was her, she was the real monster in my opinion", the accuser reveals, noting that she now wants Maxwell to be punished and suffer behind bars.
The woman, who goes by the pseudonym Samantha, was 21 years old when she was invited by a fellow student at her Parsons School of Design in Manhattan to Epstein's grand mansion to give him a massage for money. Samantha visited Epstein's "huge house" three of four times from 1993-94, and got paid around $300-$400 for each massage. Epstein "wasn't approaching" her in a sexual way, she recalls, but was pleasuring himself at the end of each session.
"His penis looked really weird, like he'd had an operation on it or something and I felt he was kind of embarrassed about it because he was trying to hide it", the now 48-year-old woman reveals.
During one of her visits she also met Maxwell and allegedly heard her complaining that the student was "too old" and not "blonde" enough. Samantha claims that the British socialite then took her to procure other girls, types that Epstein would allegedly like, for "modelling" sessions.

Samantha revealed that she managed to groom one 19-year-old girl from her school to come and do massages for the businessman, but actually asked her to pretend to be younger. According to the alleged victim, Maxwell then found out about the lie and got really mad at Samantha, calling her a "dirty, filthy w**re, lying w**re", and eventually raping her.

"And the next thing I knew she had a ball gag in my mouth, my hands around my back and she was raping me with a sex toy. She had taken my clothes off. It all happened so fast, I was stunned", the victim recalls.
"She was using the sex toy on me and on herself then she called in Epstein and he joined in. It was traumatising. After they were finished I grabbed my clothes".
Samantha said she got paid $300 following the abuse and was threatened by Maxwell not to go to police or she "won't be alive" to see her day in court.

According to the accuser, this completely changed her life.

"I was going to school for design. I had a future. And then I got to LA and I went into the sex trade", she explained in the interview. "I've never been married, this affected everything".

She also said that another girl she helped Maxwell to recruit was also eventually sexually assaulted, something which she said had left her feeling extremely guilty. However, the former fashion student was not brave enough to go public with her accusations until Maxwell was arrested in July and put in a Brooklyn prison.

An attorney for several of Epstein's alleged victims, Spencer Kuvin, confirmed to The Sun that he was representing Samantha, revealing that he was planning to submit an application to compensate the woman for her experience.

The publishing heiress is facing up to 35 years in prison for her purported participation in the sex trafficking and grooming of underage girls for her deceased friend Epstein who mysteriously died in a prison cell in August 2019. Earlier, one of the couple's alleged victims claimed that Maxwell "fulfilled Epstein's compulsive need for sex with young females" by "preying" on their vulnerabilities, and was actually the one who ensured organisational support for their illegal sexual enterprise.