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'Climate Change' is a euphemism for the pollution, contamination and abusive exploitation of our common environment by international corporate entities, freed to act as private tyrannies by colluding governments — devoted to profit, wealth and power over all other concerns, including human welfare, human dignity, and human decency, along with an appalling absence of any sense of reverence for life and nature.

'Climate Change' is a label being popularized by those primarily responsible for our environmental destruction, degradation and fragility. This is the same 'class' or 'elite' who largely control mainstream media to deflect attention from their crimes against humanity and nature. Now they want to place the responsibility for correcting and improving the situation on the bulk of the various nation's populations. The people, that's most of us, are technologically and financially incapable of repairing the damage that has been done and continues to be done, by those ruthlessly controlling the international economy in the interests of their increasing power, control and domination.

Most people are only marginally complicit in the most heinous environmental offenses committed. Probably their major fault was going along with what their bosses told them to do, rather than risking their jobs by openly rejecting and fomenting resistance to actions they knew were destructive and immoral, if not illegal. Still, who is now certain they themselves would take such risks, after witnessing the fates of our most courageous whistleblowers, and while knowing they had young children to support?

'Climate Change' is a label being used as a distraction from putting the blame where it belongs, because that would incite changing the basic course and fabric of the largest international corporations and their mega-wealthy scions to begin valuing human welfare more highly than wealth and power — and that's exactly what we ultimately need to do, even if indirectly rather than head-on.

That, however, will be a travesty to those who like things pretty much just the way they are. If they didn't, things most probably wouldn't be the way they are, and they certainly wouldn't stay this way or progress even further in the anti-human directions they're heading. In-depth research repeatedly and comprehensively confirms that a relatively small clique of influencers at and near 'the top of the pyramid' are very determined to keep the status quo intact, gleefully serving their own interests at the expense of others. This tendency has been very extensively documented at this point, by many sources, for many decades, outside the corporate-controlled media.

Until we understand and accept this, we have no chance of changing the tide, because we're putting our attention, and so all our efforts, in the wrong places and stressing the wrong priorities — acting naively. At the heart of our problems, with some exceptions we need to evaluate individually, is a self-obsessed, animalistic, primitive, and infantile human character masquerading as our most mature, respected and 'credentialed' leaders and authorities. It is not their stupidity or ignorance that causes the biggest problems, it is their characters. They harness their greed, ruthless self-interest and power-lust extremely intelligently to empower themselves and marginalize those with competing values. They're keenly adept, knowledgeable, deceptive and secretive about it — and also shockingly 'successful' at it.

Until we put the importance of our leaders' character above every other practical concern, we will not be making progress on the core issue. Human character (the values and principles a person actually lives by, regardless of what they know or profess) is more important than power, position, wealth, influence, education, elocution, certification, college degrees or business and cultural approval. A selfish, short-sighted, egotistical 'leading authority' who doesn't fundamentally care about anything or anyone but him- or herself except maybe his or her cronies, may still behave like a brutally abusive thug and a dehumanizing tyrant, even if he or she has all the accouterments of success and the greatest perks and honors that our 'current cultural system' has on offer.

Though real people are never completely and purely benevolent or malevolent, our essential problems are not Democrat or Republican, liberal or conservative, left or right, white or black, rich or poor, educated or uneducated, religious or non-religious, scientific or unscientific, enlightened or unenlightened — they are profoundly and intimately human. The prime distinction we need to keep central in our evaluations is human or inhuman, humane or inhumane — here lies the primal chord.

People of deeply human character include all of us who care about others who act humanely and who also care about us — about other human beings in general. Those whose character is truly human intrinsically value human welfare more highly than money and the 'prestige' and influence that money can provide. They do so not for any extrinsic reward, but for themselves, because humanity is what they genuinely value more in their deepest core.

That last bit may sound overly idealistic. It sounds that way to me. Yet valuing power and money more highly than human welfare remains the glaring root of our problems as Americans and members of Western nations. It strikes me as a bitter pill to swallow because it seems to imply there may never be enough 'true human beings' in the world, at the same time, to make a difference in the status quo that teaches us that nothing is more important than money. Alas, this disturbing point doesn't make the basic insight any the less accurate.
About the author

Michael A Green is the author of 'Unlocking The Allowable Thought Cage' (learn more at theallowablethoughtcage.com) and a consultant who taught himself computer programming, systems analysis, design, modeling and specification, project management, team building, how to run a business, and remains a lifelong, self-educated student of the human psyche. Writing professionally most of his adult life, he has used his skills to create his own software development company and consulting practice, and later to successfully manage huge software development projects with budgets of hundreds of millions of dollars. He has also been a musician, a dental technician, a cook, a mountain climber, a voracious reader, a Go player, a Certified Mediator, a freelance writer and copywriter. He spent many years as a community activist tutoring elementary school children and college students, serving on the technical advisory boards of a high school and a college, as President of the local Chamber of Commerce, Chairman of the local Municipal Planning Commission where he supervised the development of the city's 20-Year Comprehensive Plan and also served as an elected City Councilman.