2 headed
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A local man who caught a snake and took it to his local vet for a check over has made a creepy discovery after the reptile gave birth inside the bag in which it was being carried.

Steward Gatt, known to Wyndham locals as Stewy the Snake Catcher, captured the Tiger snake earlier this week.

However, when he opened the bag to release the animal he found it had given birth to a bunch of slithering babies.

But that was far from the end of it, with a closer inspection finding one of the baby snakes had been born with two heads.

Stewart says he took the mother snake and her offspring to a local vet.

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"The snakes were taken to a vet for a quick check over, just to make sure they were all good to be released," he said.

Sadly, the creature with two heads had to be put down, with the vet telling Stewart it would almost suffer a brutal death in the wild.

"The one with two heads was euthanised, and the other snakes were released back into the wild."

Stewart said while it not uncommon to find two-headed reptile snakes, it was certainly not something he sees every day.