Sinkhole takes out salt truck (not for a meal)
A giant sinkhole out in Grand Ledge needed a crane to get a salt truck out of it.

The worker was said to be turning around in the old gas station on Saginaw and Jenne Street, just down the road from Grand Ledge Schools and it has residents worried.

"This gas station, back in the year 2005 had a gas leak and they ended up digging the tanks out," Rick Jones, Former State Senator/ Sheriff sai.

Jones says he's been a resident of Grand Ledge for 40 years and has seen the old gas station transform into a mechanical shop and then into nothing. Now, it sits as state property but the real concern is that it's in a school zone.

"Keep your children away from here, this is not a good place to play. We have Grand Ledge schools just down Jenne street here and this could be a short cut. We don't want anyone to get in there," Jones said.

The sinkhole is currently sectioned off and the gas station has caution signs preventing cars from turning in, but residents say the sooner it gets fixed, the better.

"They need to work on that immediately. Especially if it's right next to a school, that's a priority, I think," Mike Crosby, resident said.

"A barricade is a temporary measure, it's not completely effective but at least it's one step they can take towards it," Amanda Dumond, Resident continued.

Other residents are urging motorists to avoid the area.

"And it's the responsibility of parents, especially with a school close by to make sure their students know what's going on and not to play around in the area because sinkholes are unpredictable," another local resident said.

All residents agree that it is a safety hazard, and they would like to see it fixed, despite who owns the property.

The gas station was taken over by the state around 15-years ago and is for sale. Right now a plan is in place to fill the sinkhole, however, a date is not set yet.