Mystery boom in MS
News 5 received multiple calls about shaking and a loud boom from the Springhill area of Mobile to Lucedale, Mississippi.

Callers say they felt a brief rattling in their homes, even one reported their doors were shaking. This is video and audio one viewer sent us. You can hear a noise-we're not sure exactly what it is.

Freddie Holloway lives in the Timberland North subdivision in Wilmer.

"I said, 'What was that?'" Holloway told News 5's Devon Walsh.

It is between Georgetown and Williams Road. His whole house was shaking. He first thought the washing machine had gotten off balance. His wife who is pregnant said she "freaked out" for a second.

"My wife thought it was the wind, but when I stepped outside, it wasn't windy. It lasted three to four seconds," Holloway said.

There have been no official reports on the US Geological Survey website or the Center for Earthquake Research at the University of Memphis which tracks earthquakes live.

We checked with the Coast Guard Aviation Training Center in Mobile, but they tell us they don't have the type of jets that produce a sonic boom.

It's not unprecedented that military jets over the gulf will produce a sonic boom from time to time. Sonic booms can be heard and felt over hundreds of miles.

News 5 is working to find out more information.

Here are more News 5 viewer videos that capture episodes of the shaking and loud "boom" incident:

Update: NEWS 5 has confirmed the "boom" did not come from aircraft at NAS Pensacola. An official tells News 5 the Blue Angels are out of town and are the only planes onboard NAS that are capable of that kind of power. Keesler officials also confirmed to News 5 they do not have aircraft capable of rattling homes. They fly C-130s.