Sometimes, waterspouts develop on the Croatian Adriatic sea and while these incredible sights are not all that uncommon at this time of year when the weather tends to be unstable, have you ever had the chance to get a clear view of one, and film some waterspouts near Split?

The weather in Dalmatia at this time of year can be pretty all over the place. From warm sunny days that require the removal of jackets and the placement of sunglasses in the middle of November to extreme winds like jugo and bura blowing tables and chairs down the streets. All this can happen in just one day. While this is irritating for residents and tourists alike, it makes for some amazing photos and videos.

At aound 15:00 on Thurday, a powerful thunderstorm cloud developed above the Brač channel, where an impressive waterspout near Split formed, the largest in the area since August 2018 when Podstrana took a beating by the elements, Dalmacija Danas reports.

The waterspout near Split, despite being very well developed and large in size, thankfully does not seem to have reached the actual shoreline of the City Split. In addition to that, very heavy rainfall began in parts of the city and there was even a brief period of hail in some places.