hong kong police rioters polytechnic university
Riot police began dispersing protesters in Hong Kong after several days of a standoff near the Polytechnic University.

Hundreds of protesters have erected barricades outside Hong Kong Polytechnic University (PolyU) and encamped inside. Police have been trying to get the protesters to leave the building, their previous attempts to storm the campus led to fierce clashes.

Large crowds of protesters, meanwhile, have gathered on nearby roadways, shouting "Save PolyU!"

The streets are covered with paving bricks, which were dug out by protesters and used as barricades, as well as weapons against police. The violent radicals also hurled petrol bombs at the officers who responded with tear gas.

The fights near the entrance resembled a hellish warzone as protesters set barricades ablaze in hope of fending off the riot officers. They also managed to set several armored riot cars on fire.

Several groups of demonstrators had earlier tried to escape from the campus and break through police cordons. Most of them were stopped, however, and more than 400 people were detained.
hong kong rioters polytechnic university
© Ye Aung Thu / AFP
Sporadic clashes also erupted during the day in Tsim Sha Tsui and other areas of the Kowloon district, where PolyU is located. The rioters showered police with rocks, and tear gas was also deployed.