greenzone gate
© AP/Hadi Mizban.
Iraqi forces on guard as vehicles move towards the gate to the Green Zone.
In recent weeks the Iraqi capital has been rocked by several rocket attacks, with one instance of projectiles targeting the US Embassy in the city's Green Zone and other missiles hitting the area near Taji Camp where US military personnel are stationed.

On Sunday, Baghdad's Green Zone, which is home to foreign embassies and government facilities, was targeted in a rocket attack, according to Reuters. Two police sources told the news agency the attack resulted in no serious damage or casualties. Other sources pointed out to Reuters that aerial bombardment sirens went off once the rockets hit the area.

A source in the Iraqi security forces said that at least three shells exploded near the green zone, adding that there was no information about casualties.

The green zone was recently targeted in an attack on 30 October, when two rockets struck a mere 50 meters from the US Embassy's gates. According to media reports, the attack resulted in the death of an Iraqi security officer. The zone, also known as the International Zone, has been the centre of diplomatic missions since the 2003 American invasion and occupation of Iraq.

Another attack occurred a few days prior to that, with two rockets striking Baghdad's Taji Camp, home to the US military contingent.

The fresh attack comes amid ongoing protests in Iraq, which have been rocking the country since October. The demonstrators have been demanding that the government launch a comprehensive overhaul of the political system, which was imposed following the 2003 Iraqi invasion.

The demonstrations, which regularly turn violent, have so far resulted in over 300 people being killed and many thousands injured.