© Timothée Lambrecq
The blizzard conditions for North Iceland that the Icelandic Met Office warned about last Monday has been realised. RÚV reports that the north has been buried under heavy snowfall, and there is a weather advisory for tomorrow strongly advising caution for those intending to travel through the region.

As RÚV reports, snow and ice across North Iceland have already caused some minor accidents in Akureyri, and residents have been diligent about switching to their winter tires. The onset of snow across North Iceland was very sudden, catching many off-guard, and the fun is hardly over yet.

A weather alert for the entirety of North Iceland cautions that blizzard conditions are returning this evening, and will likely rage on until tomorrow around 18:00. This will mean high winds, low visibility and icy roads—not at all conditions you want to be driving in, and the Met Office warns that some roads may be impassable.

This being the case, it's important to point out again that before you hit the road, always check both the weather and road conditions first. It could save you considerable time, money and personal injury.