Merapi erupted for 270 seconds on Monday
Merapi erupted for 270 seconds on Monday
Many parts of the slopes of Mount Merapi have been covered by volcanic ash after eruptions on Monday afternoon.

Ash fell on Ngargosoko, Mranggen, Srumbung villages in Srumbung district; Sumber, Talun, Ngargomulyo, Kalibening, Ngadipuro, Mangunsoko and Dukun villages in Dukun district; and Sucen and Jumoyo villages in Salam district.

Thin layers of ash also covered Sawangan village in Sawangan district; Tamanagung and Muntilan villages in Muntilan district; and Bojong and Pabelan villages in Mungkid district.

Magelang Disaster Mitigation Agency (BPBD) has distributed masks for locals, head of daily operations of BPBD Magelang, Edy Susanto said.

"BPBD staffers have distributed masks in several locations," Edy said as quoted by on Monday.

A 270-second eruption on Monday expelled a cloud of ash 3,000 meters into the air. The cloud was blown to the south-west.

The authorities have recommended people stay at least 3 kilometers from the volcano's summit.