lightning strike double
© Galina Ershova
Woman survives spectacular double lighting strike on her Toyota.
Video shows how RAV4 is hit twice, sparking huge flashes, paralysing the vehicle.

Driver Galina Ershova, 41, a circus artiste, recorded the alarming lightning strikes on her dash cam.

The bright streaks are seen hitting the car in front driven by Anna Nakaznykh, in her 40s, a Siberian railways employee.

'I was blinded for a split second, I grabbed the steering wheel with a death grip,' said Galina as she watched the strikes.'

'It happened so quickly.'

lightning strike double
Anna lightnig strike

Quite miraculously driver Anna (pictured) was not hurt
Galina saw how despite the flashes the Toyota RAV4 did not erupt in flames, but its engine was paralysed, during the incident in Novosibirsk.

'The car didn't catch fire and just made an emergency stop,' she said.

'We thought that people were just scared and that was all.'

Perhaps from shock, Galina did not stop - nor did anyone else - to help the stricken driver and her passengers.

Later Anna posted: 'I was the driver. Everything is fine with me and the passengers.

'I read the comments and I can say one thing, there were a lot of eyewitnesses, but no-one stopped.

'They all just went on. We called a rescue truck to take away the car.

'It is now being repaired.'

Anna lightnig strike