A fire tornado over a farm in west Brazil
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A fire tornado over a farm in west Brazil
A tornado of flames emerged from a fire and swirled several meters into the air on a farm in Brazil, on Tuesday.

The spectacular images show the whirlwind spreading on the banks of the GO-210 motorway near Santa Helena de Goiás, central west Brazil.

It relentlessly flashes its luminous orange flames as local workers step back to watch the spectacle, before the camera turns to the barren and dried land surrounding the blaze.

Otherwise known as a 'fire devil', the bright flame arcs towards the sky with explosions at the base and a rising vortex towards its core.

It is the result of a clash between intense heat and turbulent wind conditions - and can reach a staggering 1,090 degrees.

Farm workers were clearing the land when the rare spectacle occurred.

At the time, the climate in the region was very dry and those at the scene reported the open country area was hit by strong winds.

According to the fire department, weather conditions favoured the formation of the fiery whirlpool which was activated when a wind column passed over a burning parched area of land turning smouldering embers into the fire twister.

Farm workers were able to bring the blaze safely under control within two hours and the number of injuries remain unknown.

The formation of fire swirls is one of the 'rarest events in nature', according to experts at Sao Paulo's Somar Meteorology Institute in Brazil.

It can only occur in very specific atmospheric conditions and is a combination of high temperatures, turbulent winds, low air humidity and dry soil.

And the phenomenon consists of a burning core and a rotating pocket of air, forming a revolving structure, similar to a tornado.