Waterspout over Lake Huron

Waterspout over Lake Huron
A waterspout spun across Lake Huron on the morning of August 23, amid several local news reports warning of possible waterspout and cold air tunnels in Michigan's Thumb.

According to the National Weather Service, late summer into early fall is the time to expect waterspouts over the Great Lakes.

Brian Thompson was able to capture footage of one without even leaving home. He told Storyful he "never expected to see one outside my living room."

Thompson's footage shows the rope-like spout moving across the water and eventually onto land.

Thompson told Storyful his wife was worried it was going to turn into a tornado. Adding, "she said if she was home alone she would have hid in the basement."

The US National Weather Service urges anyone that sees a waterspout to take it seriously and seek shelter as soon as possible.

Credit: Brian Thompson via Storyful