Crocodile rests on roof of Belgaum house

Crocodile rests on roof of Belgaum house
A stunning video from the Indian state of Karnataka shows an adult crocodile lying on the rooftop of a house submerged under water. The reptile found itself beached on the tiles after the flood receded.

Residents of the Belgaum district in Karnataka, one of the regions hardest hit by the devastating flash floods brought by a monsoon, were shocked to see a 10-foot-long crocodile resting on the roof of a farmhouse on Sunday.

It is believed that the terrifying creature ended up on the roof after swimming about a kilometer from the Krishna River, which overflowed and flooded the area. As the water receded, the crocodile got stuck on the asbestos tiles and risked being trapped.

The owner of the house, who had evacuated to higher ground and spotted the uninvited guest sunbathing on his roof, called the police, who alerted the rescuers. In the end, no rescue operation was needed, as the crocodile slipped into the water and dashed away on its own.

While the sight of crocodiles making themselves at home on rooftops is still rare in India, the menacing creatures have been increasingly roaming city streets. As several Indian states grapple with torrential rains, videos of crocodiles on the streets have been making rounds on social media.

In one clip, a crocodile can be seen 'hunting' dogs in the city of Vadodara in the state of Gujarat, while another shows a daring rescue operation to remove a 10-foot-long croc from a flooded residential area in Vadsar.