The crocodile extremely close to the dogs.

Crocodile extremely close to the dogs.
Vadodara and other cities of Gujarat have received torrential rain causing water-logging in various areas. Pictures and videos circulating online show the scary state caused by the rain. One rather terrifying video shared online shows a crocodile swimming near a residential area and attacking a dog.

The video posted on Twitter shows two dogs standing in water next to a building. People inside the building can be seen holding ropes probably trying to help the dogs out of the water. Seconds into the video a crocodile can be seen swimming towards them. At one point, it reaches extremely close to one of the dogs and even attacks it. The dog, luckily, manages to get away.

Take a look at the video that captures the incident and also how flood affected the city:

This isn't the only time a crocodile was spotted in the city. Another video shows a crocodile in water reportedly around Darshanam Central Park in Vadodara.

In fact, crocodiles were sighted at a few places after water from the Vishwamitri river entered the city this morning. So far, officials from the forest department and NGOs have rescued three crocodiles.

Vishwamitri is home to some 300 crocodiles and the reptiles have often landed in residential areas when the river swells. On Thursday, Vishwamitri was four feet above danger-level.

With the rain and flood situation, authorities have shut down the airport and terminated several trains. Schools also remained closed on Thursday.